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More of an artist than a writer XP Might as well give it a shot though, right?

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  • TRight Here
    Anthea, the adopted daughter of Fluttershy, has been afraid of the dark for a long time now. This is the story of how she learns to cope with those fears during a stormy night in Ponyville
    kilala · 2.5k words  ·  354  12 · 7.1k views
  • EHelpless
    This story is from the point of view of a blind, orphan filly named Anthea. All she wants to do is show that she is capable of taking care of herself. She does something incredibly risky to prove that she is. Will it work? (Adoption story)
    kilala · 5.8k words  ·  444  5 · 8k views
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Comment posted by Centurion Pike-Wall deleted Apr 29th, 2018

So, Kilala, I'm making my own Next Gen characters. Have any tips?

Hello Kilala. A.K.A. Awesome artist. A.K.A. Wonderful designer of characters. A.K.A. Generally awesome pony. I love your art, and your two stories seem very intriguing. You now have 600 followers. Congrats.

Uh, ki, you might want to see this

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