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Hello! I'm just here to mainly read stories and favorite them, but occasionally I do write.

About My Stories

I write sometimes. Not often, but sometimes.

More often than not, I will write Slice of Life stories and One-Shots.


I know I should have said this before, but Chronicles of Espionage is going on indefinite hiatus. It technically has been for awhile, but I just never got around to officially saying so.

This does not mean it's cancelled, because I might one day return to it. But for the moment, that's not the plan. So I'm sorry for that.


I have completed Long Road Home, and it seems that people are interested in a sequel! Honestly, I'm flattered. I didn't think it would gain such popularity, however small. :twilightblush: I thank everyone, honestly.

First thing's first, however, is a cover art. If I could direct your attention to this thread, you'll get a bit more information about what the sequel would be and if you're interested in drawing one, comment on the thread.

Some of my Favorites

More of my Favourites

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Comment posted by Stooge3434 deleted May 12th, 2015

Hello BlackSkulls! :pinkiehappy:

Thank you for adding my story A Sweet Taste of Cake to your bookshelf! I'm glad that you enjoyed my story about two ponies who fell—and stayed—in love.:pinkiesmile:

Whoops! Must've been one of those notifications I missed while at basic training. :twilightblush:


Ahaha! A bit late to thank me, I actually faved it ages ago :twilightsheepish: I was just organizing my Favorites so I could quickly search by rating.

But you're welcome all the same! :twilightsmile:

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