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Flora Spectrum

Hello! I'm a writer, singer, and artist. Feel free to message me with any questions and I'll get back to you! Have a wonderful day!


I'm Back! Well, Sort of! · 3:30pm Mar 9th, 2014

Hey everyone! I know it's been quite awhile but I'm still alive and breathing! I know I use this as an excuse a lot, but college has been kicking my butt. I'm starting to get a better hold on it though and I'm on Spring Break which is giving me some time to de-stress and breath.

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Random List

So I've seen lost of users have these random lists with their favorite ponies, episodes, ect. so I'm going to have my own based on the most common ones I see...

Main 6 I'm most like: I'm a strange combination of all six

Favorite Princess: Cadence or Luna

Would this change if based on fimfic and not purely on the show? Nope

Favorite Background Pony: Most likely Derpy

Octavia or Vinyl Scratch: Both!

Favorite CMC: Sweetie Belle

Favorite CMC based on fimfic: Probably Scootaloo because I have been reading some really cute stuff about her lately

Favorite Episode: I could probably watch the Cutie Mark Chronicles all day, but I also enjoy sleepless in Ponyville

If you want more added to the list just comment! :yay:

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Random goals, I'll probably end up adding more.

YouTube and What Not

If you get the chance, check out my channel or find me on DeviantART! :raritywink: