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A group in which to share music and music related fanfiction. From Metallica to Mozart, Skrillex to Shostakovich, Prince to Primus, Dragonforce to Derek and the Dominos, if it's in any way musical, it belongs here.

Do you sing or play an instrument? Then let's see what you've got in the 'Stage' thread, pony or not.
Found something you've just got to share with the rest of us? Toss it into the 'Backstage' thread for all to see.
Fancy getting to know some other like-minded people a little better? Throw introductions and general chat in the 'Headliners' thread.
Got a musically inspired fiction you've written or found? Add it to the relevant folder for people to browse.

Whether you're here to read, listen or both; welcome, we're all here for the music.

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I suggest you GET YOUR ASS IN GEAR, BITCH. :twistnerd:

Have you checked out the 'Headliners' thread? It's up in the forum section and you can introduce yourself there along with chat along those lines :twilightsmile:

298142 An "Introduction" Folder would be nice, where everyone writes about who they are, what they play and why.

Any suggestions on improving this group will be taken into account, although I'm not likely to add a Progressive Glam Folk folder just for that one fiction you wrote while under the influence of who-knows-what.

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