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Just an artist/writer. Also a member of the US Navy cx

Story Progression; Shiny's Secret

Chapter 1: Done
Chapter 2: Done
Chapter 3: Done
Chapter 4: Done
Chapter 5: Done
Chapter 6: 247 words.
(Updated March 3rd, 2016)

The Magician Progress Sheet

Chapter 1: Done
Chapter 2:419 words


So.... · 8:54pm Mar 5th, 2016

How have y'all been? Anything new happen while I was...well...away? Well, anyway~ I have a lot of info to give you.

1. My writing skills have stepped up immensely since the last time I updated Shiny's Secret.
2. I've spent a lot of time on other stories on Fanfiction . n e t, so most of my time has been spent getting back into the swing of things.
3. I've graduated high school and am now in the United States Navy! :D

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any new updates on shiny's secret?

because you have good stories ^^

Yes I am. ^^

Are you really in the Navy!

1323397 Because I grew an interest in some of your stories :pinkiehappy:

  • Viewing 40 - 44 of 44
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