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Group Rules:
-Make sure to treat members fairly.
-Only post Bleach crossovers (Obviously).
-Help others asking if you have time.
-Be supportive.

Stuff to Do:
-Talk about Bleach.
-Write stories about Bleach (Again obviously).
-Share ideas with others.
-Make cover art (If you have time)
-Make some friends.
-Kill hollows (Not really).

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Question what is Ulquiorra

Kill hollows

okay time to show you how squad 11does it's everyone reacting to the whole quincy thing?

to any authors out there i would like to propose an idea, i would like to see an esparda and a soul reaper actually work together in equestria

one idea would be coyote starrk and lillynette with shunsui kyoraku i'd like to see these two work together because it's not completely ludicrous when you factor their personalities and reasons to fight.

or maybe even two new arrancar and shinigami just a thought i may or may not act on this idea myself but i want put out there cuz i think i'd be a great idea.


Good to see that this group has grown as far as it has I never expected it to have as many people as it currently has.

I need multiples of tree fiddy and in later news tonight touhou IS indeed an anime! More news from outraged flesh sacks after a word from our sponsors.:eeyup:

326165 same here, it helps when you are fighting a dragon, but have better things (quests) to do.

speaking of bleach, my Skyrim character can become Ichigo's Vasto Lorde form. I love mods.

322798 So, a Human soul becomes an Arrancar in Equestria after death? Sorry, it doesn't quite work like that. A soul goes through Hollowfication by being in the Living World too long, causing the Chain of Fate to corrode. Once that's gone, the chain falls off and takes it's anchor point on the soul's form with it, causing the transformation. Either that, or the soul gets eaten by Hollows.

To reach Arrancar class, the Hollow needs to break and remove a part of their mask. It's been stated (I think) that a normal Hollow doing this won't expect much in the way of changes, aside from cognitive processes.

In short, you'd be best off writing your OC dying, write the transformation and timeskip to where the mask comes off and you end up in Equestria.

Also, on your post about Zanpakuto - That's what Arrancar releases are, Resurrección. Their Zanpakuto's aren't born of their soul, they contain the Arrancar's true form and abilities. There's no Soul in them, they cannot be conversed with.

At least, that's canon. You could have a Shinigami die, become a Hollow, rip the mask off and end up in Equestria, only to find that the Soul of your Shinigami Zanpakuto somehow survived and is now your companion. Can't do much, but someone to talk to I guess.

And I was thinking when my OC awakens their zanpakto their physical self changes into their ressuricion. What do you all think?

Thanks phoniex I was thinking about someone who died and woke up as an Arrancar pony. What do you think?

318639 When you say OC, you mean your Shinigami/Arrancar/Quincy/Fullbringer OC, correct?

In which case, for the latter 3 it can be a type of Reishi-to-Mana convergence that occurs during the transitional phase (aka 'portalling' between the worlds), whereas for Shinigami the simplest thing would be either a) Have the Shinigami self transformed via aforementioned way or b) Have the Gigai 'mutate' into a pony shape (whether this comes with magic is up to you and you alone (Think about it though - Unicorn casting Hado #99; Kurohitsugi? Badassery just in thinking!)) and the Gikon retaining its intended purpose.

Whether ponies can see your Reishi-made form is up to you.

Also, this is a much stressed point - if it's an OC, they CANNOT one-shot a Hollow straight up - That's Captain level territory. Take some time out, open a Word doc and design your character. Make it lifelike as possible, including weaknesses. Could be an obsession on the evils of muffins, I don't care.

i am member no 50:pinkiegasp::pinkiehappy:

I am thinking about writing a bleach crossover but with my OC being turned into a pony any tips?

Don't worry he has zangestu and zangestu now


what do you guys think about saying goodbye to zangestu


Since when did I have 40 members

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