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A first ever group entirely devoted toward Dragon ball Z Crossovers with MLP FiM.

You need an my little pony story with fights, emotion, and maybe some pride talk? We got that, You need a story with tons of epic transformations and saiyan tails? We got that, you need a story that has the Dragon balls? We got that too! Everything Dragon Ball related we have for your convenience.

This entire group is here to help you in your every day Ki blasting, super saiyan, dragon ball wishing needs.

A word to all Dragon Ball Writers, don't be afraid to ask us to read your stories and give you constructive criticism. They're plenty of us out there that would be happy to help you improve your own skills.

And please everyone, do remember to read the notes of what story should go in what folder. These notes can be found here, yes right here. CLICK IT!

Group rules and Main Feature Folder info can be found here.

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I just uploaded a story I think would fit well here. 'Crystal Vanguard'

I had not realized I wasn't a member of this folder till just now. I feel silly. And thanks for adding my story to the main folder.

Which one do you think is more interesting:
Transformers vs Godzilla https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=jy2NxI4W5us
Justice League vs Avengers https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=P8JzVdBMyI0

Thank you for adding The Last Of The Frost Demons to the group, even though the main character isn't a saiyan. I appreciate it very much.

Hi, everypony! I'm Broly the Brony and I'm new here to this site! I have a incomplete story on Fanfiction that I would like to place on this site, but unfortunatly, I have no idea how, and neither do I know weather or not my story would be well accepted here on the site. If anypony would like to read and give feedback, I would be very appreciative. The story is called "My Little Pony: The Tales of Comet the Saiyan".

Thanks to everypony in advance!:twilightsmile:

I wish everyone Happy thanks giving! And so does cell!

We're back everyone! Now the group can become active again! Yaaaaaaaaaaay! :yay:


367901 oh I think I love the stories very much:pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:

367200 Well I hope you like these stories as much as we do

367749 will do! Although I will have to challenge them to an eating contest. I can eat a lot in human terms when I get hungry.:pinkiehappy:

Welcome! Please watch your fingers at the buffet, saiyans tend to be quite vicious when eating.

367200 Welcome to the group, Emerald Leafeon! I'm Roarin and it's nice to meet you!

Hi I'm new to the group here and I wanna read. So

Hi, I'm new to this group and was wondering if I could get some help on my Pony Ball Z story. The main things I need are roles for the DBZ characters with MLP characters and transcripts for the next episode. Feel free to read my story and check out my first DBZ/MLP crossover call Last of the Warrior Race: Twilight's Unknown Past.

345289 Thanks I keep forgetting what areas are where.

No you cannot, Fimfiction rules state that only English stories can be uploaded to this site.

Comment posted by Roarin Thunder deleted Jan 27th, 2014
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