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The Pokemon of a writing variety, is also a heavy gamer. Approach this Texan carefully as it will most likely be armed and dangerous.


QnA · 2:57am May 20th

So, I will be running a quick QnA blog for any of you who have questions. These can be about A New Chance at One HP or anything else you can think of.
Ask all you want, Thanks!


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Gotta say, that's the second most creative response I've received so far. :rainbowlaugh:

As a leafeon I wouldn't be called a swarm, that's more of a heracross or a beedrill thing.

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...would a group of fans of Changeling fics be called a swarm?

Thanks for faving The Griffin Chronicle, what do you like/dislike about it?

Thanks for faving Take it from me, little buddy!

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