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Howdy ladies and gents a North Dakota brony here....I'm 17, a guy, a farmkid,skateboarder,football player, guitarist, and a drummer i also have Steam and Spotify message me if u wanna friend me tnx!!

Who is this guy?

I'm a farmkid from North Dakota who is 17 and lives in 'MURICA!! But I have family and friends that live all over the world.

I like the Denver Broncos, (so glad they won the Super Bowl!) music, drawing, football, video games, guns, fishing, farming, hunting, (dont judge) drumming, both my 77' Chevy and 88' Ford Pickups, (city folks call em trucks) looking at new farm equipment in farm shows, guns, music, skateboarding, (yes I can do that out here) driving farm equipment, guns, more music, and did I mention guns?

The reason why this looks like crap is because my computer sucks and its broken so I'm using a older tablet

I am straight, but anything else is fine I just don't swing that

I do skate\dirt board I have a Arbor longboard, a Element skateboard, (completely forgot what the normal trick boards are called) and another Arbor long board set up for dirt boarding.

Fave ponies,
Mares.... Vinyl Scratch, Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Octavia, Spitfire, Fleetfoot, Zecora, Gilda, Princess Luna, Flitter, and Cloudchaser.
Stallions... Big Macintosh, Spike, Braeburn, Discord, Soarin, Shining Armor, and Flash Sentry.

I like all music (country, rap, rock, metal, pop, ect.) except really classical like Beethoven, or that Broadway stuff.

I am 6'4, 252 pounds and yes, I'm kinda big for my age (17)
I play football the positions I play are Middle linebacker and offensive (left) and defensive (right) tackle.

I like mlp, (kinda apparent) Pokémon, Drawing, video games, Fnaf, Halo, Team Fortress 2, Garrys Mod (G Mod),War Thunder, a bit of anime, and I'm starting to get into Metal Gear Solid (especially Metal Gear Solid 5)

I can draw a bit and I'm pretty good but I can only draw aircraft especially WWII aircraft cuz that's also the war that intrigues (big words :P) me the most.

I do have a Deviantart and the name is the same on here as is there but I have nothing up as of this moment

I only have a few rules like, Fellas, never hit a woman (and and if u see that your required to jump in and beat his ass) a rule 2. don't ever mess or bully my family or friends and we will get along fine, If u follow these rules I'm a OK guy to hang out with.

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Man I haven't been on in a while haha

Happy Thanksgiving!

2242958 most of it is a man gets sent to equestria I'm into story's like that

2221758 I like your story! And awesome profile pic....my steam account has the punisher symbol

2168198 don't worry bro I feel the same way

XD, lol, alrighty. It was an honest mistake. Lol, The Descendant did something similar to me; lol, he thanked me for a non existent follow when he actually meant to give me the traditional welcome. i was so confused, until he told me he messed up. I understand, :trollestia:.

Comment posted by Blackcharizard62 deleted Apr 5th, 2016

2168196 and I like Dodges too cuz they have Cummins in them.
We also have a few tractors and a combine with Cummins engines in them.:flutterrage:

2168197 eeyup. Those guys deserve an anvil to the groin. Not the head cause that'd be quick. But the groin affects guys for longer more effectivly they'll wish they were dead... Sorry i'm pretty violent about this stuff...

2168196 Yep same some guys r total assholes to women it ain't cool

Thanks fer the follow' I'm a country boy as well. Tho i perfer Dodges and Gmcs... I'm also from Saskatchewan. Were pretty well the same cept' i don't watch T.V. much. Especially the part about hittin women! I was doin that fore' I even met ya! Saw this guy slap his girlfriend once so i took an elbow to the back of his head and a fist to his gut.

2167077 what? I have no idea what your talking about...... (Maybe i went back and fixed it:derpytongue2:) anyway sorry bout' that it was a typo cuz i usally say that cuz when i follow people its ethier for their personality or stories..... And I followed you because of your Cheerfulness so my bad for the typo...

Thanks! :twilightsmile: Lol, what stories? No seriously XD, I don't have any published (unless you've read my penana dabblings; in which case, thanks!). Were you thinking about someone else or do I have hidden stories elsewhere?

2167077 Your Cheerfulness and awesomeness!! :pinkiehappy::twilightsmile:

Thanks for the follow! :twilightsmile: Might I ask what for?

2165887 lol maybe since were pretty much from the same general area

So a regular voice. No accent?

2165840 awesome!! And all ya need to do is add a really northern accent and that's pretty much what I sound like

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