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Mathias Frost.

He was just enjoying himself during a weekend event with his Roman reenactment club. Everything was as it should be, but during a mock battle he found himself alone in the woods, and before he knew it, he was in Equestria.

It took a few weeks, but after they were sure they had no easy way of sending him home, Celestia decided to grant him citizenship! He could have stayed at the palace, but not wanting to do nothing he decided to work. Luckily, there is a job available for someone like him!

Ponyville needs a new guard, and being the only one, he will also be the highest ranking one, effectively making him guard captain of Ponyville.

Working for Mayor Mare, he is the law, and is required to keep the peace in Ponyville. Easier said than done...

How will the ponies take to him? Can he make friends? And can he avoid getting fired?

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Comment posted by EinPazi deleted Nov 21st, 2020

I've only cancelled one story, never deleted one. Which one are you talking about? :derpyderp2:



I confused you with somebody else and thought they had deleted the story to do a remake for some reason.

All is good!

Ok, i was able to translate the prayer and I'm at a loss. What does it mean?

If you used google translate, then no, you would probably have not made much sense of it. :twilightblush:

It is an oath mixed with a prayer, originally designed for the god of Jupiter. I just changed a few words here and there. :twilightsmile:

"I swear with a deep conviction of mind that I shall never allow myself to desert the kingdom of the ponies of Equestria. If I should willfully break my oath, may the gods inflict upon me the worst, most shameful ruin, and on my house, my family, and all I possess."

Comment posted by Even Evil Has Standards deleted Nov 21st, 2020

This feels like a rewrite of something.

You posted the comment twice, deleted the one. :twilightsheepish:

Another story you have me hooked on, you sir write crack words... M O R E

Hmmm interesting story idea i will keep an eye out for more also my suggestion is get Berry for public drunkeness and have some ponies get upset about it but have her be grateful for it so she wouldnt get hurt

I was thinking the same thing about Berry Punch. Also thought about Big Mac and a fight, though he would not resist the arrest, he knows what he did, and will take it like a true stallion. Even when Applejack insist he be let out, he refuses to be let out until he is let out by Mathias. :eeyup:

Rainbow Dash could also be interesting to arrest. :rainbowhuh:

Of course Dash will be arrested but for what is the question. Also Mac wont resist the arrest because he knows what he did. Maybe that reason being someone pushed Granny Smith to the ground maybe a certain Blueballed prince :raritywink:

His shield too had been enchanted, it was stronger and lighter.

His shield dont look roman tbh

Something like this would have fitted in better

I know, I just felt the smaller shields from Ryse son of rome fitted better.

More flexibility for dealing with pegasi.



The Romans used a wide verity of different shields, it was dependent on what the soldier was doing. The Scutum (the shield you showed) was a Tower Shield and was effective in the tactics used by the manipular formations which were 40x3 and the semi-round design gave it the ability to "Lock" with other shields of the same type and from that the testudo became a popular tactic.

It wouldn't be until the Marius Reformations of 107 B.C. that the shields became lighter and more uniform due to them being produced in Mass by the Empire.


The shield showed here is just a smaller and Lighter variation of the Scutum, likely used by Scouts and Skirmishers. In fact I wouldn't be surprised if Pilum were held within the rear of the shield for easy access in combat.

"Dealing with pegasi" thats oddly specific, sounds like a fun time

Testor ego eum alte sinceraque persuasione sunt animi ut numquam patitur me miserum deseris in regnum Dei esseda mannis Equeastria. Si sciens fallo, ut in me nunc deum pessimo leto adficiat mea, et in domo mea, et omnia quæ possideo.

I know that this is Loyalty oath/Prayer to the Dawn/Day, but I can only suss out a few words. Can you give us a Translation?

Look through the comment section and you will find it, can't translate at 2 AM and on my phone. :rainbowlaugh:

Or you can wait until the next chapter until he tells it. :twilightsmile:


Ah found it! Okay, good to know I am not THAT Rusty at my Latin Translation :twilightblush:

Though I would have expected a Prayer/Oath to Mars or even Selene?

Description for the story could use some very minor polishing. You use 'not' a bit too much and at the wrong times. Exhibit A.

It took a few weeks, but after they were sure they had no easy way of sending him home, Celestia decided to grant him citizenship! He could have stayed at the palace, but not wanting not to do nothing he decided to work. Luckily, there is a job available for someone like him!

I'd suggest either removing this one, or removing the one before it, depending on how you'd like the sentence to sound. Either way, one of them is a typo.

How will the ponies take to him? Can he make friends? And can he avoid not getting fired?

You've made a double negative there. 'Avoid' should be the only negative.

Aside from that, description's solid enough. Now, time for me to see the first chapter. I eagerly wish to see how you've done.

Congratz, you got featured. 11/21/2020

I was going to say "what was the point of this" when the word usage was correct?

Then I had to double-check my memory and it ... works for this kind of premise.

As I was writing this, I was going to explain how using a dead language is... but then I remembered that someone will just call me a troll and that I'm wasting my time explaining things.

[Adult story embed hidden]

You stole my title, you bastard! And here I was thinking I'd somehow made the Feature Box again!

lol...just kidding. Great story!

Very nice start, can't wait to see where this one leads.
And I vote cmc, RD should come in when they know eachother more or she'll likely hold a little grudge.

Oh, buck..

Typical, the one time I don't check for other titles... :twilightsheepish:

Thanks! Missed those during edit! :twilightsheepish:

The entire premise is regarding someone who was doing the whole roman thing. Uh....? That's not troll, that's just not getting 'theming.'

whispered a prayer in Latin.

K found that a little cringe, I mean like you might as well just had made him actual roman at that point. Then again I guess you made him a reenactor so that would be easier for you to write his character.

That as much about it being easy, as I wrote, it is more because his Roman armor and knowledge is the only real thing he has from his own world. No phone, no photos, no nothing. So it is like an anchor for him, a way to remain connected to his own world in his own way. Something that feels extra special to him. :twilightsmile:

How can everything you throw out be complete gold?

I'll be keeping a eye on this mate. :)

imma put this in my pocket

"Lion King!" Luna exclaimed with glee.

Oh Luna... You have no idea of the rollercoaster you've gotten yourself into

I guess but doesn't he have family? Though I guess that is going to be addressed later at some point yeah.

It is, and yes, but no photos or anything.

Interesting concept. But I have to point out that assigning someone as a guard who does not know equestrian law makes zero sense. The opening chapter could use a small edit to fix that gaping plot hole.

Aside from that, a lot of the first chapter consists of telling the reader things instead of showing. But I figure that's mainly to get the actual story underway, instead of ending with 10 chapters of setup.

It is not a plot hole, it is by intend. But not having a guard in the first place stationed at trouble magnet capital is proberbly worse. :pinkiehappy:

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