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New Video: RLCraft But the Lag Kills Me · 2:19am April 29th


Also been making more that I might've not announced so go ahead and check the rest of my videos if you like this. They're all unique to one another.

Links To My Other Pages!

Close Friends Forever List

This is a list with all of my friends on it from the past to the future. Some I've not talked to in a while, some I do on a hour basis. If you're not on the list, then either we haven't gotten to know each other well to be considered 'friends' (you'd probably still be my acquaintance), I forgot to add you (long list really) have yet to add you (will be updating this!) or you're under another name

Will be using nicknames!

- Redn'Blue
- Inks
- Haybringer
- Marc
- Gal
- Kod
- Shimmer
- Coco
- Minty
- Zafire
- Talon
- Bea
- Mox
- Breeze
- Kiro
- Emo
- xiouxy
- Hanzal
- Pike
- Kirin
- Derpsy
- Sister Tia
- Techno

My Story Idea To-Do List

Here's every single story idea I have/am doing, my progress, in order of creation, and such.

- Time Disruption *Your Classic Time/Dimensional Hopping Story With Many OCs* *Cancelled/Never Going To Do It/Replaced With Better Idea*
- There's A Zombie On Your Lawn! *Plants Versus Zombies But In Equestria* *Low Priority Idea* *PVZ + PVZ2 Have Little Plot With The Exception Of The Comics* *Hard To Get A Story Out From It* *Too Many Plants To Manage*
- Equestria's UnOrdinary *Based On UnOrdinary From Webtoon* *John Gets Sent To Equestria On Accident After The Boston Incident* *Might Return To It* *Issue Is That The Comic Continues To Send New Information*
- Viva La Lunar *Based On A Thousand Years Change* *Viva La Lunar Was Created By Amf Studios, But He Cancelled It And Gave It To Me* *Might Do It/Probably Will Evolve Into Somethin Else*
- LTE *Lunar vs Solar War* *Contains OCs Including Mine* *Top Priority, Want To Do It But Need More Time To Practice* *Various Ideas To Use*
- 'Untitled Sonic Story' *Based On Bad Ending From Sonic 2 Game Gear Where Tails Supposedly Died* *Sonic Suffers From Such Defeat, And Is Sent To Equestria Where He Heals, Story Would've Ended With The Start of Sonic 3 And Knuckles, The Game Where Tails Is Missing Still, Probably As Reference to Sonic 2 Game Gear* *Unlikely To Be Used/Just A Silly Thought*
- Killed Or Be Killed *Hunger Games OC Story* *Already In Progress*
- NNN Midnight Story *Story Using My OC In A Funny Way Around No Nut November* *Already In Progress*
- DDD Midnight Story *Potential Sequel To NNN*
- TDA *Potential Sequel To LTE If The First Is Done*
- The Equestrian Manhunt *Minecraft Manhunt, But It's Equestria! Dream and The Hunters Somehow End Up In Equestria, Mistake It For A VR Game. Dream Kills the Hunters (?) (Something Happens) Which Causes Dream To Have A Wanted Sign And Is Now Hunted By Everyone In Equestria* *Planned* *Takes Place After Either 3 Hunters Ending, 4 Hunters Ending, Or Potential 5 Hunters Ending* *Reference To L'Manberg Events*
- Dream SMP *Potential Sequel/Spin-Off/Separate Entity To The Equestrian Manhunt* *The Dream SMP Is Transported to Equestria. Ponies Must Deal With A Rather Violent Setting As They See Various Hostile Events like The Greater Dream SMP vs L'Manberg Or November 16th etc. How Would Equestria React To The Events of The Dream SMP?* *Not as Likely As First*
- Dragon Dream *Dream Becomes The Dragon From Dragon City And Is Transported to Equestria. Replaces Spike (?) Becomes New Dragon Lord (?) Many Possible Events* *Just A Fun Thought/Might Not Do It*
- The Life Of Midnight Blitzer *Main Timeline Equestria But My Oc Exists Here* *Just A Fun Thought* *Midnight's Life*
- Conversion Bureau Idea(?) *Just a Fun Thought, Not To Be Taken Seriously. Again, My OC Is Used*

The Real To-Do List (Stories That Might Come Out Soon Or Are Already In Progress!):
- NNN Midnight/DDD Midnight (In Progress) <- Minor Focus
- Killed Or Be Killed (In Progress) <- Major Focus
- The Equestrian Manhunt (Maybe) <- Needs Conditions To Be Completed To Begin Creation
- LTE Midnight/TDA Midnight (Maybe) <- Needs Time To Be Created
- The Life Of Midnight Blitzer (Maybe) <- Needs Time To Be Created

Minor To-Do List (Ideas I Want To Do, But At The Same Time, There's A Lot Of Things In The Way So Not Really)
- There's A Zombie On Your Lawn! (Too Many Plants, Barely Any Plot In Games (Exception: Comics), Wonders How To Create A Real Story)
- Equestria's UnOrdinary (Comic Has Yet To Finish, New Information Could Create Problems, Characters Constantly Have New Lore Added)

Completed Stories!
- *blank*

This List Will Be Updated As More Story Ideas Come To Mind, Stories Gets Created, And Stories Get Completed. Expect One Of The Stories From The Real To-Do List To Appear In The Future

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Hi! JUst a heads up, I am pleased to report that the came of your OCs in my Dr who story is pubished

Thank you for being my 400th watcher!! :rainbowlaugh:

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