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Shadic Midnight Blitzer

Still hanging around, making new friends, reading and writing quality stories, all at Fimfiction! Discord Server: https://discord.gg/ZTcvEGAejC


February Important Update! · 4:24am February 9th

Hey guys, it's me, Midnight Blitzer, and as you can tell, I still haven't uploaded a single chapter as of late.
While I thought the main reason would be due to time, the truth is that I've become demotivated to continue writing. And while I have tried to continue, it's only today that the thought of deleting/unsubmitting/canceling/hiatus my stories has finally hit my mind.

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Close Friends Forever List

This is a list with all of my friends on it from the past to the future. Some I've not talked to in a while, some I do on a hour basis. If you're not on the list, then either we haven't gotten to know each other well to be considered 'friends' (you'd probably still be my acquaintance), I forgot to add you (long list really) have yet to add you (will be updating this!) or you're under another name

Will be using nicknames!

- Redn'Blue
- Inks
- Haybringer
- Marc
- Gal
- Kod
- Shimmer
- Coco
- Minty
- Zafire
- Talon
- Bea
- Mox
- Breeze
- Kiro
- Emo
- xiouxy
- Hanzal
- Pike
- Kirin
- Derpsy
- Sister Tia
- Techno

My All Time Favorites That I Would Watch If They Were An Anime

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Yeah, just friend me on Discord then

Yeah I guess so. Though I honestly feel that it's kind of dead.

You could alternatively friend me on Discord via the server. Then we can frequently chat.

Mind if I join your discord server? i need to start being more social with my friends on here

Ok, then it is easily recognizable for me.

It is? When did that become the consensus?

Yes indeed. Your profile pic is iconic.

but i don't know who they are i've only been here a few months

Well I'll see this...

I don't think there's a way to reverse

I lost my authentication device and I didn't write down the backup codes.

I lost my account, at least there wasn't much XD.

Thank you for adding 'The Legend of Broly' to your folder.:pinkiehappy:

  • Viewing 326 - 345 of 345
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