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The name says it all.


Fallen from the stars from his defeat by the hands of his most hated enemy, Broly, the Legendary Super Saiyan, was turned to stone for his violence. But as overworldly threats continue to plague Equestria, each more powerful then the last, Princess Celestia and the others had no choice, but to release the Saiyan of Legend to fight for them.

Can they control his temper? Can they calm his violent ways? But the bigger and the most bizarre question is. Can Broly possibly be reformed!?

(This story takes place after the DBZ movie 'Broly: The Legendary Super Saiyan')

Chapters (12)
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Comments ( 134 )

I would like to say nice build up to Broly. Now i wonder if he'll go to same route as the universe 6 Legendary super saiyan Kale.

I like how you described Kale as a Legendary Super Saiyan instead of Super Saiyan Berserk. I call her that as well because Legendary Super Saiyan just sounds better. I mean she clearly is one. Also, nice profile pic with Sonic.👍

nice work look forward to a new chapter of it

*Residents, not *residence. The first indicates individuals living in a designated area. The second refers to said area. English is a tough language to learn, from what I've been told anyway.

Already added to my fav's XD, love your BlackWarGreymon fic, I'm sure to love this one as well, I will start reading ASAP, I wonder how powerful Broly will be incomparison to the Ponies

I can imagine him being the abridged Broly asking ‘What is your power level?’ To every one

Awesome! I love the background you provided on what exactly happened so far. I can't wait for the next one!

okay.....I like the idea, but at the same time I kind of hope they have not an to easy time with Broly or kind of go overboard with their reforming.

I read that chapter tomorrow.

“Wait. Did she say…’him’?” Twilight quietly asked.

I hope it's not another story, where they alredy know about the sayans and everythiong, why do they always have to play the allknowing sisters.

“Now you know why Luna and I occasionally loose our battles. Because most of our magic is used to reinforce this one prison.”

nice execuse

“His name is Broly.”

If he only screams one name, then how do they know his? I half expected them to call him kakarot.
I would still have liked it if he was a complete suprise to them.
Well at least they don't seems to know his species and even if I know about the ape and human thing, I always wonder why they thing of apes first when they have more than one species that walks like that and has features that maybe could remind them of humans.

edit: I forgot to say that I like it so far.

To be honest I forgot the good argument I had last time, but I liked to think that when it seems like they don't know anything about humans, then at least some of them could make that mistake.

He's going to be working on his BlackWarGreymon fic most of the time, so I think we will have to wait a while for the next chapter of his Broly fic

awww bummer, I forgot that it was anthro.

Well I liked this chapter anyway and I only want to remember you about my comment,

I hope it's not another story, where they alredy know about the sayans and everythiong, why do they always have to play the allknowing sisters.

If you have a good reason for that then it is okay, but I would like it a bit different this time.

I understand perfectly that you don't like the Alicorns being 'all-knowing'. That's ok, because in this story they're not.

So far, they don't know what Saiyans are and don't know that Broly even exists. These prologue chapters will tell the events of what happened that led to their decision in Chapter 1.

Another great one my friend. And I think it's great on how some people have ideas of where Broly would've gone if he hadn't crashed on Earth.

Well, Broly's rage only comes to the surface when he hears Goku's saiyan name, Kakarot or when he is in the same planet with Broly and he feels Goku's presence.

So as long as our favorite saiyan doesn't come here and nopony (Yup, i said it) says "Kakarot" everything is gonna be ok.

Both the anthro ponies were confused of the spoken word. Unaware that it was actually a name.

The moment when the pony transforms into a bepidal ceature in my mind, yep I forgot about them being anthros again.

This was nice, but I would have preffered to see what is currently happening instead of the past.

I tried to make the fight as long as possible while keeping it reasonably true to the powers of the ponies.

I think the fight was alright, but what do you mean with true powers of the ponies?, because I was different versions if we take Celestia as an example. Some versions of Celestia and Luna appear nearly as strong as Hulk or Galactus from Marvel, being able to destroy worlds with their own planet (Moon/Sun).
Then there are some versions which I like more because they appear more or less realistic to me or I just choosed to believe in them, where they have weaknesses too and stuff like that, not bein able to shoot lasers from the sky or something like that. (With from the sky I mean like a satellite cannon with the moon or Sun.


Bullshit! He could have easily broken out of stone, enchantments or not. Elements of harmony stopping Broly...what a joke.

Waaaaaiiiiiit a second. How do they know his name? He was only shouting Goku's Saiyan name.

You'll find out in a future chapter.

Using her vast knowledge of magic to enhance her strength and increase her speed, Luna threw countless punches at Broly at lightning fast speed.

Nothing against this story, just a fact that I noticed and that is that I always need to get used to Alicorn or normal pony fighting in a Dragon ball z style.
edit: I mean I guess for their race or body (if they wouldn't be anthro), I always image a slightly different movement. I noticed a description that looked for Broly as if she was using a Kamehameha which is just a bit strange to me. I could image them either just using both hands while holding them foward or a bit like with the Genkidama, maybe even only using her horn instead of something that similar to how the Z fighters fight. (or how they are called.)
I just hope we don't get a "Fluttershy using her stare and creating terror in Broly's eyes."
There are just some characters or even persons with a stronger personality/different mindset than those from Equesteria, that I think it shouldn't affect them at all. I don't exactly let a "look what Fluttershy did to this or that character", count here since it's from their world and even then I sometimes thing she shouldn't exactly be that effective with everyone sometimes.

I'm glad however to get a new chapter.

if broly isnt stopped soon someone has to step in

Yaay, it's alive! Now, to the next chapter! Oh wait, it's not here. Damnit!

Celestia had heard rumours about the existence of the Afterimage Technique. A trick pulled off by immense speed.

HHhhhmmmm I guess it is still okay even if I'm never sure if I want the characters to know about potential techniques that they probably shouldn't know.

The way Broly is dominating the fight is often how Celestia looks to me in certain stories which I often don't like.
That means I'm happy that it's her this time who has all the trouble in the fight and whatever....(insert explanation).

The Solar Smite. A spell that once said to be as hot as the surface of the sun. The fact was actually an exaggeration. Because when Celestia once used the same spell on Lord Tirek, it only wounded him.

That is more or less what i mean but I don't care since she get's her ass kicked. Just saying but there is no point in maybe trying to convince me about her power or whatever someone may plan to do.

It's a bit weird how equal both powers are when Broly overpowered himself and they used the elements on him.
I don't know how to explain it but I like to think there is a certain effect that caused him to be trapped instead of the elements actually being on his power level.

Then we have no other choice! We must use the full power of the elements!!”

:facehoof: Of course. It's difficult for me to decite what to think.
I mean I accepted and liked the fact that it was some kind of lucky hit that they got him with the elements and at the same time I'm suddenly unsure if I like how powerfull the elements seems to be compared to the Alicorns and Brolys power.

Was Broly in the beginning in his "muscle" form or did he had his body like when he is black haired?
I just wondered when I saw the description for his "green aura".

Crossing his arms, Broly attempted to put up a barrier to protect himself. But before the barrier could be formed, he was struck by the beam.

ahhh okay it was a lucky hit.

I haven't heard about the movie but Broly is one of the characters that I still love of the show even when not actively watching the show anymore.

Wow. I'm not surprised by the limits of Broly. I could only imagine how it would've been if it was the new cannon Broly.

Oh man, Comparing New Broly to Old Broly is like comparing Old Broly to Celestia, Luna and Sombra in this fic XD, I mean, New Broly even before transforming into a SSJ was fighting on par with SSJ Blue Goku, then his LSSJ/Full Power SSJ/SSJ Berserker Form took multiple hits from SSJ Blue Gogeta, the New Broly is unreal

I can't tell if you're angry or not? If so, I'm sorry for taking so long. I have a lot going on at home.

nice work looking forward to the next chapter.:twilightsmile:

I was expecting one of the aliens to scan Broly's power level and yell "It's over 9,000!"

great update I take this Broly is now more of the Super one now they he is clam.

that joke gets old once in a while

Wasn't tirek the danger?, why do we have the other Dragonball characters there now?

“Shining Armor!!” Cadence called out.

The prince tried to pry Broly’s arm off with his hands, but the Saiyan’s strength far exceeded his own. Gagging for breath as he felt this throat being squeezed. All the while looking into the eyes of the grinning Super Saiyan.

While it's not the same story it's somewhat nice to see them being overpowered once in a while.

“If you refuse, then you can spend the rest of your days turned to st…”


The blue Alicorn paused in shock from Celestia’s outburst. The tone was hash and strict. As if she had no intentions of imprisoning Broly once more. Luna really seemed startled.

Good that Celestia noticed the mistake.

Shining Armor: 90

I wanted to complain, but then I noticed that thankfully Rainbow and Applejack where thankfully no fighting experts if I can beliece those power levels.

Twilight: 110

Starlight: 110

Thank you for that one.

My reaction to Shinings Power level was just because I'm not the biggest fan of him and I barely like cadance more in most stories because of her manipulative behavior and power in some stories.
I won't change my mind easily on her so there is probably no use arguing with me about that.

I like what you did and thankfully it starts now.

Good ol RainbowDashVegetaFan123. Good with covers and power levels. And dude it's good to see a new chapter. I love how you had them get through to him. It was genius.

“Even after all this time… he’s still angry.”

You Don't Say!?!?

Will goku make an appearance? 🤔


She then threw her right arm out towards the invaders. Giving a command.


As if on que with the princess’s command, Broly’s fighting instincts soared in a form of his battlecry.


With one mighty thrust of ki, Broly launched himself straight towards the oncoming Frieza Force.

Straight out of the movie... Nice!

And dun dun dunn! The Tree of Might crew are here!

So I'm curious is Equestria in Universe 7 or in another universe with villains that Goku and Co have defeated popping up every now and then cause i originally figure that this is set post ToP since I'm hoping that Freeza makes his appearance and sets in motion the events of DBS Broly without the Retcons.

The location of Equestria is in Universe 7, but within a different dimension. Which would soon be detected by King Kai

As for the time line, this story takes place within the 4 years between the Buu arc and the Beerus arc.

I hope Celestia’s chefs know how to cook meat, otherwise their saviours gonna be PISSED.

Always nice to see The Ghost of Christmas’ Fall and his Band of Misfit Minions.

Oh shit...Turles and the crusher crops is on the planet.

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