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Some stories disappear as time passes. Others will always remain marked in the books forever...


Equestria's UnOrdinary Is Out! · 10:53pm 9 hours ago

For those PVZ fans who were reading my story THERE'S A ZOMBIE ON YOUR LAWN! I recommend reading my new story: Equestria's UnOrdinary! It's a MLP X UnOrdinary Crossover that I'm sure you'll like reading in the meantime while waiting my the next story update. Being on vacation makes it difficult to continue writing the PVZ story so why not read this one for now.


July 7 - July 21 Hiatus · 10:16pm July 6th

Hello PVZ Followers! Unfortunately for the next two weeks, I'll be on vacation so there will probably be no chapters made in that time. Still I'll try with my phone to make another chapter or to communicate with you guys. Wish me luck!


Readers Support · 4:04pm March 3rd

So hey guys! As you may not know, Time Disruption: How Everything Began, is on a Hiatus.

Is is because I have no longer ideas? Well no.

You see, my chapters are a bit too vague. I'm finding various places where dozens of chapters could be inserted in theory in between two chapters. So what I'm asking is that you guys check out my stories and support me by posting ideas on how to edit my stories better and make it longer.

I'm asking you guys a favor. Thank you.


Story Contest 2019 · 10:19pm February 12th

Hello readers. Today I decided to fully announce that I've decided to make a story contest in my group called Time Disruption Series. From now on, people can post their stories in my group and see if they won the contest. The rules are in my group forum except for one rule that I'm adding right now, that the like and dislike function must be on, otherwise I won't be sure how popular that story is. Check out my group, and start making your story.

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