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Harry Potter had the (mis?)fortune to fall through a portal to the Everfree near Ponyville. He was transformed into a unicorn, to his surprise. After being found, Twilight Sparkle took him in as an orphan, and to learn more about him as he learned more about Equestria. His adventures there are another story. This story is about what happens when he is pulled back to the human world by the Goblet of Fire when he is fourteen.

Finding himself back in the human world is bad enough, but also to discover he has an unbreakable magical contract to compete in a Tournament that is known for the deaths of the competitors is just icing on the cake. What else can go wrong?

(Not a continuation of “If Wishes Were Ponies . . .”)
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Edited by gerandakis. Picture by Quinn Kepner, from an image in the MLP comics.
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Typical. In the first ten views, I get one up and one down vote, and no comments. :pinkiehappy:

The fact that it isn't a sequel to If Wishes Were Ponies... is a downer, but well, your writing is excellent and I'll definitely look forward to reading this!

"Not a continuation of “If Wishes Were Ponies . . .”

And every 100 up votes gets an early release of the next chapter."
I think this is the reason why. You've probably got a lot of followers because of If Wishes Were Ponies and this isn't a sequel and the "And every 100 up votes gets an early release of the next chapter." part seems to indicate that you're working on this instead of a sequel to If Wishes Were Ponies.

So, in this one, the Tri-Wizard Tournament is his first time back to the human world since he was eight or so?

Well this was unexpected. I liked it.

I liked it

I mean it's using that old cliche, but you do good work and are excellent at avoiding bashing unlike another one.

And you have some excellent and interesting world building

This is a very interesting way of doing a Harry Potter crossover (I'm thankful for that, most of them have gotten fairly samey by doing the same things over and over again). It will be interesting to see where this one goes, it will also be interesting to see how the world has changed with Harry having been presumed dead for the last few years.

It looks like a continuation of the 12th chapter of IWWP. Kind of a fork.

I don't care about IWWP continuation, this story is good. Probably even better.

Well, this is interesting though frankly, I have no clue what to expect. I also thought this was an If Wishes is Ponies sequel, the fact that it seems to make use of some of the world-building from that story doesn't help. Still, at least it's something different so I'll give it a few chapters to see where it goes.

Helping him hurts their champion. Dumbledore just doesn’t get it, does he?

Ah so we can expect as much Dumbledore bashing as there was in the first fic I'm guessing.

great start cant wait for more

Me: Right, might be a good time to take a break from fanfiction, clear my head, get something done, etc.
tkepner: *Uploads a new story.*
me: Ah shit, here we go again.

In all seriousness, I'm really excited about the story, and the beginning is amazing.

Do you think, then, that assuming the other students would set aside their animosity to an interloper in a private competition, would be a fair assumption for any Headmaster or principal to make in any high school or secondary school you know?

It does fit in with Dumbledore’s rosy outlook on giving bullies and others a “second” chance (or third, fourth, fifth, etc.). I just can’t see him assuming that his students wouldn’t automatically make Harry the Pony at home. Even if the facts the proved differently were right in his face.

Thank you. And sorry to ruin your plans (:pinkiehappy:).

Fun fact: I don’t pay as much attention to author names in the “new” box as I should, so my first thought was “this sounds an awful lot like IWWP.” Eh heh.

So yeah, I’m curious to see where this one goes!


Do you think, then, that assuming the other students would set aside their animosity to an interloper in a private competition, would be a fair assumption for any Headmaster or principal to make in any high school or secondary school you know?

What are you even asking? No nobody would expect anyone to help the opposition, especially someone they just met, compete against them in a competition.

It does fit in with Dumbledore’s rosy outlook on giving bullies and others a “second” chance (or third, fourth, fifth, etc.). I just can’t see him assuming that his students wouldn’t automatically make Harry the Pony at home. Even if the facts the proved differently were right in his face.

So what you're saying is this story is literally built on the backbone of Dumbledore bashing?

Making him at home is one thing but you're suggesting that Dumbledore is so stupid that he thinks the students will be more than happy to help increase their competition's chances of beating them? Nobody would ever think that was a good idea no matter how rosy their outlook may be and I'd hardly think Dumbledore is that naive.

Interesting, I like it.
Will you be doing a next book of "If Wishes Were Ponies..."?

Okay... you are REALLY good at this HP - pony crossover thing. Plus, with only one or two minor glitches, you're also really good at showing rather than telling.

I'm not too happy with the extended description included in the chapter, but I'm sure it's a one time thing though, so I guess I'll just shrug and get to the story?

I'm also not a big fan of the cover art. It's well done... perhaps I just got spoiled by the art on If Wishes were Ponies. That's one of my favorite bits of cover art.

I REALLY REALLY loved that whole scene from when Harry shows up at Hogwarts. I hope you have a lot of buffer chapters, I get the feeling you'll need them!

Pretty good start. Hope you're able to keep it going, as this is a nice twist. U°-°U

Okay this was great to read and it looks like it's going to be a great story but Little piece of advice this is people are still waiting for the sequel so I think you can understand why some people would already give it down votes with being a little upset

How is “Dumbledore bashing” somehow part of making him act entirely in character?

He expects the best of everybody, regardless of their actions to the contrary (look how he allows bullies to get away with almost everything they do in canon). Yet, we know from life experience, that expecting people to help the competition is highly unlikely. But in view of his outlook on life, for him to be a realist and expect him to understand that people aren’t that kind to each other would be out of character, now wouldn’t it? How is that Dumbledore bashing?

And for others not to notice his Polly-Anna character would be doing THEM a disservice, wouldn’t it?

I get that. But to simply down-vote a story, not on any of its faults or mistakes, but simply because it isn’t a continuation of another story is rather childish.

If you want a sequel, fine, leave a note. Otherwise, simply don’t read it.

And it’s not like I didn’t TELL EVERYONE in the description that this wasn’t going to be a sequel. It’s right there, right above where you see the chapters listed.

Keeping Harry a pony made this a must-read. I hope you don't give him a human body, or if you must it takes some time.

It's a bit frustrating not being able to beg, on bended knees, for certain things, because I'm sure the chapters in your bank have gone past where it would be possible. But here goes. I want there to be a glitch that causes Harry to keep his Nightmare Moon appearance, wings, and coloration. He's adorable as a unicorn, but you've already done that. A Thestral, on the other hand, was not really delved into in detail.

While there might be some reluctance to tutor him and give him a leg up over their champion, he is a pony, there are going to be a lot of girls who want to hug him and hold him and pet him and call him George.

Well, maybe not that last bit.

I could see Dumbledore calling on the best and brightest. Hermione? And some others from Ravenclaw? Heck. Wouldn't surprise me if she was in Ravenclaw. Her objection would be more along the line of it taking time away from her studies.

Oooh, just occurred to me. You get to pull the old "It's a wonderful Life" gag. Let us see how Hogwart shaped up without Harry being there.

I know that and I'm not excusing their behavior and I know you're under no obligation to even be writing any of your stories honestly I thank you that you write them in the first place but you know some people are going to lash out just because they let their feelings get the best of them and I'm sure that the few that did will hopefully apologize that doesn't mean you deserve any downvote you certainly don't but unfortunately some people do get a little entitled and think that you should write certain things that they want that's just the way it is sometimes

It's Dumbledore bashing because you want to portray him as an idiot that can't see why Harry's competition might have good reason to not want to help him. Yeah, he expects the best from people but he's also faced enough betrayal and hardship in his life to know that people aren't likely to help out a complete stranger especially when it's to their own detriment.

Edit: to add on to that, yeah he has an optimistic outlook but he's not stupid. If he chooses to have faith in someone its because he has a good reason to. He doesn't simply expect people to do the right thing.

No wait I'm allergic to happiness!... YAY I'M SO HAPPY URGH!!! (Hearts gives out from the allergies).

«The night will last forever

What are the >> for? Why not use regular "" for dialogue?

Is this going to be on a regular release schedule?

Hmmmm not much toncomment on here as its mostly set up. Hopefully Twilight will find a way to join him as without years of interaction Harrys going to have trouble here. Though if things continue as oer canon i can see a unicorn Voldemort. I can also see Ravenclaws offering to tutor him in exchabge for learning the strange new magic he's using.

hum interesting not a direct sequel, to If Wishes Were Ponies but jumping to book 4 the goblet of fire and starting from scratch so to speak.
as of right now i am liking this, i am wondering if the time limit still stands on the color and wings as we are not in Kansas any more Harry.?
it looks as if we will be staying full pony for this story but that may change.
so are we the readers keeping the same deal of for every 100 votes we get a bones chapter?

authors note explains this.

Right and left double carets (« and ») are words and sentences in ponyish

Initially thought that was a continuation, was excited. Learned otherwise, but still excited.

Oh, yeah, I get that. It’s more amusing than anything else, honestly.

I'll gladly read this, but I was looking forward to seeing the excellent world-building of If Wishes Were Ponies continued.

Another HP crossover by tKepner?! :pinkiehappy:
Already loving it!

It might be a good idea to blog about your intentions for IWWP.

I am in the middle of rerereading IWWP and was all "oooooooh!" And I am still "oooooooh!" but with a slightly different, but still pleased, tenor.

I mean, an AU for your crossover seems legit. I'm totally down for this ride.

Dumbledore's an asshole; the Goblet was clearly only supposed to spew forth three names, not four, so the Tournament should have been declared a draw, the Goblet relit, and the three actual Champions drop their names back in.
Also, what kind of contract doesn't require the person's knowledge and consent? Not a legally binding one, that's for sure, and magically? Should also not be magically binding - else Harry could just, I dunno, sign several pacifist contracts with Death Eater names in order to strip them of magic.

Either Dumbledore tricked Harry into consenting to the binding - which is a form of coercion, making the supposed consent illegitimate and invalid - or the Goblet doesn't care about consent - which is flat-out illegal and can lead to a host of problems.

...Also, in this timeline Harry wasn't here for the first three years; is Ginny Weasley dead? What happened to Sirius Black, considering his godson was never in danger from Pettigrew? Did the diary horcrux manage to gain a physical form from Ginny's life-force?

In the book, Dumbledore and the other teachers knew damn well that the Goblet had to have been tampered with so that Harry would be chosen. It was also mentioned that Dumbledore could probably get Harry out of the contract if he wanted to. The reason he didn't was that it was clear someone was targeting Harry and if they removed Harry from the competition the culprit would just try something else, potentially putting Harry in greater danger.

So it was decided to let things play out while they search for whoever was after Harry since at the very least they can control what happens within the competition while they may not be able to do anything should the culprit be forced to try a different tactic.

I see, this one is not a sequel, but rather a fresh, alternative take on Harry-went-to-Equestria-and-come-back-to-human-world scenario. This time, he is truly alone and still in his unicorn form (since he didn't come through portal).

That description is waaaay too long, then for some reason you copy paste it into the first chapter anyway, for reasons I cannot even begin to fathom. Also, put stuff like metric conversion in the artists notes, that shouldnt be in the story itself for reasons that should be obvious.

You also call Harry a filly a few times, but he in other places. Also mum is akin to a nickname, when using an impartial narrator you should stick to mom, mother, etc. He was also nine, he should know what a human is, and know the difference between it and a minotaur. You also have alot of very strange spelling errors like "Sisiters".

"Mum" is correct in British English, "mom" is American English.

And non british english is used literally everywhere else except for this. I can apreciate that one might wish to emulate this manner of writing, but without going all the way its alot like someone having an accent half the time, fake as hell and weird to listen to.

We don't know that he's truly alone just yet, he hasn't even tried calling for discord, and it's only the first chapter, so we shouldn't assume about what's going to happen

The reason I included it in the section before Chapter 1 is that there are a LOT of people who ignore Author Notes. They then ask me questions that are already answered in the Author Notes, because they reason anything in the Author Notes can’t be that important. It’s just the author complaining about something, or griping about how hard his/her day was. Apparently, the idea that an author might include information pertinent to the story is so unheard of that it never occurs to them that I might have done so.

As for the length of it? Too bad. That was what was necessary.

Well, this is interesting, from the sounds of thing Harry had been in Equestria for a much longer period then the other story, and has long sens seen Twilight as his mother figure. I wonder how Dumboldor managed to stave off Voldermore all these years sense Harry wasn't there to stumble on all the mysteries? Surely, Voldermore must be much stronger now without Harry's interference, unless Harry's going to Equestria is some how stopped in his racks in some way and could only act again once Harry was hack on Earth. I do like that harry is going trotting around as a unicorn for the story, and I am sure the girls will be all over all the time, much to his chagrin. I wonder what is his coat color in this story, I take it that it isn't going to be Pinto red and yellow like last time. Will Harry have the same friends as before, or a whole new set and how did fist Herminy and Rom developed differently in the story, are they even friends in this time line? I wonder if Harry will have a mix of English a Ponyish in his speech? It really sounds like Harry doesn't even identify himself as human anymore, even hostile, I wonder how his reputation as the boy who lived is going to appear to the wizards now?

I was wondering did you write yourself in a corn by burning though almost all the story content of the first story and had to create a completely new plot.

Yeah. Minotaurs look a lot like hairy people when seen from twenty or so feet above and all of them are sitting down and wearing clothes. And he is totally not expecting to see people, but Equestians.

And where did you notice Harry being referred to as a filly?
Sisiters is fixed.

Sorry about the accent.

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