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The daily lives of the royal princesses, often times is pretty simple. Wake up, raise or lower their celestial bodies, hold court, meetings, sleep, and repeat. Oh, and dealing with their infuriating nephew! Overall, things aren't all that easy for them but it's manageable and mundane.

But when an innocent wish came true, both sisters are now facing a new Blueblood. One that can be considered better, yet for some reason, this version seems to have forgotten how magic works and keeps looking at the world like a newborn baby.

So what happens now? Did their wish actually come true? Is it some sort of act? Has he been replaced by a changeling? And what does this new Blueblood mean for Equestria?

Only one thing is for sure, shenanigans will appear and a lot of ponies are about to spit their coffee. Look out Equestria! There is a new Blueblood on the loose, and this one might actually be worthy of the title 'Prince'.

The 'Romance' tag is for events that happen later on the chapters

Commission by: https://www.deviantart.com/estefanoida/art/Masked-Man-Rotation-781069129

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Thank you so much for giving me a hand!
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Now with a Russian version!
Link: https://ficbook.net/readfic/8253964
By: Mariness

I made this out of curiosity and intrigue, so there is no need to take too seriously. This takes place during season 8 before Spike got his wings.

Rated ‘Teen’ for language, mild violence, and graphic depiction of cuddling. Ratings could change at any moment depending on how the story progresses.

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I like the idea a lot and I'm surprised as far as i know no one else has thought of it before can't wait for more

I really can't wait for the next chapter:pinkiehappy:

Nice one, lucky break for him with Celestia. I only hope he can return the feelings she will invest in him, and that Celestia don't do a moron move and try to buy him again when/if she decides she does not have time for him.

Great story so far but i would suggest asking for editors to fix the story as i
It has alot of issues in grammar

I hear you, if you know of someone that you could recommend please let me know

Wow, this is actually ptetty good, good amount of detail and world building, i aprrove, following and faved already, and waiting new chapters :D, good job.

Thanks I will try to have it ready as soon as possible

I wonder will keep his previous life a secret Will he tell them ,will he believed that it was once just all a lie Find out next time

Hey, it's fine. The story is great. There is nothing like seeing the reactions of others to the change that suffered from insufferable bastard to a nice person (or in this case pony), is very entertaining to read.

two things

one this is super awesome

two whats the the Je's everywhere?

Its kind of a tick of mine. When I start to learn english, that expression help me in more than one occasion so it kind of stuck with me. I will try to ease up on it or find more urban expression to use.

I think the english equivelent you might be going for is "eh" though it doesn't seem to always fit with your phrasing. Overall you're writing is very good considering it's a second language. From what I see your major troubles seem to lie with pronouns and tense. I like the flow of your writing and the characters and it's easily readable dispite the mistakes.

I've only got one story on this site and haven't edited for anyone before, but if you'd like I could buff out most of the issues in these first chapters and send a revised draft your way. You can pm me if you're interested! :trollestia:

Use Grammarly. That's not how you spell it but it is pronounced like that. The free demo will help you catch the annoying grammar mistakes.

There seems to be quite a few grammatical errors with past and present tense, and a few other tiny things.
Despite that, I'm really liking this idea and can't wait to see where this story goes ^^. Keep up the good work :D

You have a good sense of humor that much is evident and It almost hooks me in just with that. However the spelling errors alone throughout just this first chapter makes this almost unreadable I am sorry to say. Please get an editor.

You will please to know that I kind of got one, so you can expect better work in the near future

I have to agree with the last persons comment.

Your comedy is excellent and your grammar does need some work. The pacing so far is pretty good as well.

Good choice in music by the way. That was really well done.

Thanks I was scared that it was going to pull down because of copy right issues but I'm glad that it was ok for the owners of the page.

Is this one of those stories where the original Blueblood is effectively killed off to make room for a "better" replacement, and neither the characters nor the readers will ever be shown what happened to the Blueblood who had to be sacrificed for it? If possible, I would like to know in advance, please. I know that's a bit spoiler-y, but, well, I like to read about Blueblood, and in most cases that type of story doesn't have one, just an OC that looks like him.

Well It IS kind of a build up I want to make as I continue, but if you really want to know I can tell you something on a PM

Yes all of my yes take my imaginary money sir or madam :scootangel:

It will be sir, and thank you I promise I will do my best to continue making good chapters

Cadance, the best way to create a monster is to tell some one it is a monster. I hope that even if Cadance observes Blue Blood closely she does not do it in a way that forces him to react in a bad way. Staying close and being a friend is good enough to spot a lie, if you know what you are looking for and keep a open mind to that the person has changed or try to change for the better.

i can't wit to see that luna blueblood confritation

So I finished the week of Blueblood right as the music stopped which was just perfect. Also English is clearly a second leanguage for you isn't it? Still there is a gem of a good story in there. Keep working on it and good luck.

Thanks, and you are right its my second language, fortunately someone offer to help me as prof reader and while he gives me a hand I used Grammarly, I know it doesn't fix All the problems, but with any luck, it will help make things easier to read

it is really painful to read. Again great idea. and I don't want to discourage you or anything. Just keep working on it. I know you will get it down eventually. Besides I can't speak a second language so you are doing better than I am. again good luck.

I am trying to edit the first chapter but it is slow going. Uh yeah. I will get it to you in a few days probably.

Also if you would prefer I can go over the mistakes with you. You have a lot of issues with tense in the story. I can understand it is one of the more stupid parts of English. Nothing follows the same rules. Welcome to a Creole language

Thanks, any help is appreciated. And you are right, even with Grammarly, errors just keep showing their ugly head. I just take comfort that with each chapters the errors are, getting a bit smaller.

Really like the story so far :twilightsmile:

Looking forward to more magic, science and evetual plans for taking over the world. :twilightblush:

Also, the last spelling mistake is just plain hilarious. "benefit of the dough" :rainbowlaugh:

there are only four alicorns

five unless twilight isn't one in this world

I like this story so far it's very funny😂😂😂

I’m surprised I made it through this. You need to find someone who knows English well and have them edit this chapter. Spelling, word, and grammatical errors pull me out of this so much, I can hardly focus on the story itself. I’ll maybe give you another chapter but if this is the quality, I’m going to be too distracted to enjoy this good concept.

It’s a nice idea, funny to consider but you need to fix some of the spelling and words as a few are missing or incorrect.

I would suggest reading the chapter yourself and seeing what I mean.


I apologies for the inconvenience and I will keep the advices in mind, recently I'm using Grammarly to spot those mistakes more easily but, like you say english is not my first language so errors keep popping, I have something that offer to give some editing to finger cross I will be able to re post some of this chapter with better quality

Ha, that was an unexpected but funny chapter.

Oh god, this is gold. And it's going to get better 😂

Wouldn´t it be funny if by just supplanting the old Blueblood, Newblood has done such a great contribution to ponykind he will suddenly sprout wings by the end of next chapter? :D

Oh man that will be the day. More so if he doesn't know that it happen.

"Good morning aunt"

Celestia spit her coffee "Blueblood you…you have wings!"

"I do?" He looks back at its confused "Wait, so that is why my back was itching last night?

In other news: The lates freak out in Ponyville is due to an unbelievable phenomena! What is it? You may ask, well it's none other then Prince Blueblood being nice! That's right ponies prepare for an apocalypse!

So enough jokes, my predictions for the reactions of various residents of Ponyville is that Applejack will question him after restraining him and start to think there's something wrong with her when she finds herself believing him, Twilight will run experiments, Rainbow will think he's an alien invader or something similar, Rarity will attempt to assault and otherwise refuse to believe he's changed, Fluttershy will flee from him until she sees him being nice to an animal, Pinkie will prank him then be her usual Pinkie self and welcome him all while hinting about knowing what's really going on, Spike won't trust him, and Discord will be all discordy.

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