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Hi there. So, I'm a writer & proof reader! Do you need one? DM me and maybe I can help! Maybe support me and buy me a Ko-Fi if you wanna? https://ko-fi.com/dekaskittalz

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i wouldn't mind some. not exactly a drink i have frequently, but its alright to have once in a while.

You want some coffee

I should have done this a long time ago.
If you're looking for a great proofreader, this is your lad. On top of being good at what he does, he's got a great sense of humor and he's very patient with people. I would know. He puts up with me of all people and I can barely stand being in the same room as myself for more than a few seconds. Much love, Deka!

Hey! I found a fellow proofreader! Huzzah!

Thanks for favoriting Dead Zebra Storage! :heart:


Hey it's me, Trale Lewous.

That's... An interesting question? Deka was a offshoot name I came up with on the fly cuz I thought it sounded cool. Skittalz was because when I first became a brony I discovered the turnabout storm series, and there was a line where dash was called Skittles. Was the first time I heard the rainbow dash Skittles joke and I decided to call myself Skittles. The spelling variation is just so I can use it without it being "taken"

How'd you come up with your username?

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No prob... :3

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