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Hi there. So I'm a proof reader! Do you need one? DM me and maybe I can help! (nothing against anyone but your story must interest me a little, gotta wanna read it to find and fix mistakes, ya know?)

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Hey! I found a fellow proofreader! Huzzah!

Thanks for favoriting Dead Zebra Storage! :heart:


Hey it's me, Trale Lewous.

That's... An interesting question? Deka was a offshoot name I came up with on the fly cuz I thought it sounded cool. Skittalz was because when I first became a brony I discovered the turnabout storm series, and there was a line where dash was called Skittles. Was the first time I heard the rainbow dash Skittles joke and I decided to call myself Skittles. The spelling variation is just so I can use it without it being "taken"

How'd you come up with your username?

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No prob... :3

Wow um... It's almost about 2 years too late for that but thanks anyways ig :3

New Site Member :yay:... well not really new, new... but anyways WELCOME!

Thanks for the fave on Star Eater! Thumbs up if you like it!

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