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Hi there. So I'm a proof reader! Do you need one? DM me and maybe I can help! (nothing against anyone but your story must interest me a little, gotta wanna read it to find and fix mistakes, ya know?)

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The world is plagued by monsters. Ponies hide in fear from these monsters, desperate for their continued existence. Wild Hunt is an Alicorn, an avatar of the spirit of harmony, and has a desire to hunt these monsters. born from the collective desire for safety, he'll go on to make his mark on the world, doing what he feels is right.

Right, first off, this story is a commission. getting that out there right now so that I'm not hiding anything. Second, the monsters are mostly based on Final Fantasy monsters, with a few original ones sprinkled in later on down the line. Third, I really hope ya'll enjoy this as much as I do, because while money is great, I want this to be enjoyable. I wouldn't have accepted had I felt I couldn't make it something I myself would be proud to put out.

More tags to come as the story progresses.

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This story is a sequel to 1000 Years

1000 years later after the events of 1000 Years, Null will be thrown into the deep end, seeing if he will sink or swim. How will he cope with his newfound freedom? Will it be what he hoped for? And most importantly, what will crack first? the eggshells he treads on, or he himself?

WOOOO. featured already from the first chapter with a couple hours! 5/9/19

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If a tree falls in the forest, but nobody is around to hear it, does it still make a sound? If a Human is deposited in the middle of the Everfree Forest, and doesn't make it out alive, was he ever really there?

Most stories find our MC starting off in the dreaded Everfree Forest. but who's to say that plenty others didn't die in the very same forest?

Just a little something something to apologize for the wait for the next chapter of 1000 Years. it is complete, I am just waiting on a friend of mine to finish something for me related to the story. (no its not proof reading, I do all that myself.)

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Coming across an artifact while exploring a forest cave, a young teen gets whisked off to a strange new land. unfortunately for him, this artifact did more than just transport him, landing him immediately in the world powers proverbial blade tip. Trapped in stone, this is how he spends his time.

Yo! I'm not dead! I'm not done with Amnesiacs tale, just taking a bit more of a break from it. I had this idea floating in my head and i had to catch it. this story will be a lot shorted than I intend Amnesiacs tale to be so I should be back to it soon!

Featured on 11/26/2018! never thought it would happen, but here we are. thank you all.
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