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With Twilight Sparkle's coronation comes new dangers, not from the outside, but from within. To keep her safe, Princess Celestia is forced to turn to a single prisoner for help, Saber Alabaster, an assassin. If Saber can gain Twilight, and the new temperamental captain's trust then they just might survive what's coming.

All characters are Humanized.

Cover art: http://www.deviantart.com/art/Radan-the-rogue-483057845
Featured on: 9/26/16 HOLY SHITZ!

Chapters (17)
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This is an interesting premise. Hope to see more of this story.

Comment posted by ChronoMitsurugi deleted Sep 1st, 2016

Interesting. I'd like to see where this story goes.

Hope this doesn't take the time out of all your other fics...but interesting none the less.

You have my attention sir.

Sweet stuff pal Can't wait for more. :heart:

*Que Inception music* HE RETURNS!

Great start, I like it already.
I shall await the next chapter with joy.

- The Library.

Solaris pointed a finger at him and a spell circle formed around his neck. Saber felt as if someone had just dragged a hot piece of metal around his neck and clutched his flesh in pain as his knees hit the floor.
“What did you just do to me?” He coughed as the pain faded.
“Should you try to escape that will activate and explode.”

Suicide Squad reference

7530049 Did not mean to have that reference there.

7530502 Meh,why not? It's a good concept. The exploding dog collar is a great way to get him to play by the rules.

Also, if you need an OC, let me know. I've been sitting on a ton of them for years now

7530850 almost forgot about the Slavers

They gonna screw later, I just know it. :trollestia:

7533196 I agree with ya. I sense love in the air~

7533351 Who said we were stopping you pal! I'm joining you!!!

Is this a crossover with Assassin's Creed?

Silent, im cereal right now, with all of these stories going at once im surprised your head hasn't exploded yet. 0,o

Saber looked to his right and saw Amber, still in her armor, sitting in a chair with one of her legs crossed over the other.


While this isn't a Assassins Creed crossover will there be hidden blades by chance? Also great chapter can't wait for more :pinkiesmile:

..I SHIP IT! THEY ARE VERY SHIPPABLE. SO I'M SHIPPING THEM :rainbowlaugh: I love this guy! Also I just realized they were human. i am stupid. Wow. I am really enjoying this story, so far it's been awesome! Looking forward to the future chappies.

Was this story inspired by thr Throne of Glass book series? Because I'm getting that sort of vibe from it. PS: If it is, so awesome.

“Finally, let’s get down to business.”

Am I sensing a three way relationship from you dear sir? Or is just gonna be him and Ebony? :trollestia:

T...those are the characters you were inspired by...... THIS IS SO COOL!!!! I love Uncle Qrow. He is so blunt and funny, Spike Spiegel OMG He is so cool! The dub voice of him is the best! Ezio he is in my opinion the best Character in the Assassin Creed series. Winter is so awesome. Saber I love to bit! This is going to be a great story!

Don't know why, I keep seeing every other character except Saber as an anthro pony. Probably because of other stories. Saber on the other hand, I keep seeing him as Shay Cormac.

I wonder how the ponies would feel if they ever discover the Assassins are actually the Big Good. Probably with lots of self-pity. Either way, because we know the Assassins are the good guys, that makes the Ponies the bad guys thus far.

Then you go back into the mines and stay there for the rest of your life.

The mines he would have escaped if he chose to before and can still escape from easily enough. Ooooo, scaaarrryyyy.

Should you try to escape that will activate and explode.

He should have refused the deal immediately. Any magical assassin would detect the mark and simply trigger it. Plus he cannot trust the guards or the princesses not to simply murder him after he completes his mission or even during a false alarm related to completing his mission. He should tell them all of that. If they remove the mark, continue refusing until they take him back to the mines while stating he cannot trust them to have completely removed everything and that they didn't add something else. After a few weeks or months and multiple nearly successful or even successful assassination attempts on the Elements, they will come crawling back to him and remove any magical marks that may or may not be on him. Then he can simply deal with things as he sees fit. If they still don't come to him, he can simply escape again, genuinely this time. No matter what happens, he wins.

Keep an eye on him.

So, you want him to use his skills to protect Twilight and you assign guards to him preventing him from using his skills to protect Twilight. Dumb xenos want her assassinated don't they just so they can conveniently blame him for "failing".

They wouldn’t have lasted more than a minute against him or any person who had his training.

Take it from me, a minute is a long time in a fight. Most don't last that long when you have a skilled combatant against rigid, un-creative combatants. You cannot survive a real fight without creativity or at least imagination. 99.9999999% of a fight is calculated and performed and experimented on in your head. Along with insight and inferences and other things from observation and the actions and reactions of your opponent(s). The remaining tiny fraction of a percent is your body merely carrying out your mind's plan once you decide what to do. Nothing more.

In other words, fighting the way those guards are training to fight is absolute suicide outside of a shield wall or phalanx.

Nice. Telling Twilight how it is. Very good.

Nice Game of Thrones reference

Good to see someone's opening the naive Twilight's eyes to reality:ajsmug:

After you said that part of him is based on Qrow i van only hear Qrows voice when i read

Sir Solaris...personally, I'm gonna see Solaire instead.

“Why did you lie to my friends?” He gave an easy shrug

That is perfect to for Twilight, to be so naive as to not realise how impossible it would be for him to do his job effectively if everyone knew, or at least her friends knew, that he was an assassin. If they knew then I imagine Rainbow would get all up in his business 24/7 until Celestia is forced to intervene and Apple Jack would be her usual magical lie detector "the truth is always better no matter what" pain in the ass self even if an assassin after Twilight and her friends was in the process of eviscerating her. Bravo, I look forward to the next chapter.

This is really good. Can't wait for more.

Flash Century

I thought it was Sentry

7561907 or... he's like the protaganist to Fallout 4! He goes into cryo and wakes up a century later and it feels like a flash!

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