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fear the power.

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Thanks for the favourite for 'Dying Embers' :twilightsmile:
I hope you enjoy it and continue to read

2189513 Wait, there are others? Ponders before letting it pass Maybe, but not like a crossover like this :twilightsmile:

Also thanks for the compliment. goodness their personalities are so fun to write especially Eze's. He's definitely Rainbow's kind she's like to bat heads with, next to Elimo being book crazy with Twilight...

Now I want pictures of those now...


1. Brave Frontier
2. Brave Frontier
and 3. Brave Frontier.

Oh fine. it's the least cringey brave frontier crossover fic in a while, and the writing is superb. the characters personality shines through.

Thank for the favorite of Arise the Six Heroes of Grand Gaia! Sorry for the silence lately been rather busy, say what made you favorite my story?


Why thank you! I'm glad you enjoy my work! I'm writing the next chapter as we speak! :twilightsmile:

  • Viewing 5 - 9 of 9
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