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D101 Reviews

You may refer to me as D101, Darkest101, Darkestsideofme101 or The Anime Crossover Author. Whatever you call me, whether you're here for fiction or reviews, I bid you welcome.

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I am the Great and Powerful T.A.C.A.

It's a Wizard of Oz reference not a callback to a certain unicorn we all know and tolerate. Anyway, my name is D101 Reviews, D101 being an abbreviation of my YouTube channel, darkestsideofme101 (the 'd' is meant to be lowercse).

You could also say it's a shortened down version of my YouTube show Darkest101 Reviews. (Shameless self-promotion is shameless). If you wanna check it out that's fine. If you have a suggestion for a review, watch one of my vids all the way to the end and you'll learn how to contact me.

So anyway if you're wondering where T.A.C.A. comes from a while back I tried doing Super-Hero crossovers.... didn't work out. So I moved onto Anime crossovers, leading to my most popular story Hellsing: Equestria, which is basically Hellsing Ultimate turned on its head with ponies coming out the butt (Apart from Alucard because replacing him would be a fucking sin [I swear a lot too. Get used to it]).

So yeah my plans for stories are basically just anime crossovers with my continuing vanity project of Battle Ready. If you're new to the series start with the reboot Battle Ready: Rising of Sin. Don't ask why I rebooted it because it's my decision and as author I get final say (~haha-ha~!).

There's also a kind-of collaboration story I'm doing for another author called 'Cutie Mark Crusaders: Saviours of the World' in which the CMC's make a BIG mistake and have to fix it.

So welcome to my page. Have a look around. See a story you like don't be afraid to let me know what you think. Feedback really helps me improve guys. Click that thumbs-up and that little star to help me out, but don't forget to comment because that's where I get the best idea of how much you guys like my work.

Have fun.


RAAAAAAWR · 10:48pm Apr 3rd, 2017

The Sound of some great ancient Eldritch abomination waking from the depths shakes the ground at you feet... but you remain filled with DETERMINATION

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Hey you still write on here? Really hoping you continue your Battle Ready stories at some point, their definitely some of my favorite on here.

2349454 Sure I'll give it a look :pinkiesmile:

Perfectly Insane

Hey, I have a story I'd like you to review, though it's a bit long. Do you mind?

1280400 I realised I had no clue what to do about it. It was good idea but I don't think I'm the guy to write it. Plus I just lost interest in it. Sorry :fluttercry: I hope this answer satisfies your curiosity.

What happened with The Azure Angel?

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