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For all Marvel fans. Marvel based fanfics will be featured here and anything Marvel related belongs here. Chats and discussions will be had on who the best heroes or villains are. Any Marvel fans who want to chat with other Marvel fans other than Comic-Con, Wonder Con, or Comickaze this is the place for you. Anyways Nuff' said, Excelsior

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I don't actually watch the movie at Marvel Studios. Still, overall I was just entertaining words of praise for my films, and I started watching them too. I joined a group on Marvel's wandavision season 1 free online platform, and I'm very attracted to Marvel superhero movies. Someone can recommend me a film from this company to me too. I am attracted to new films to a certain extent. Marvel films have achieved massive success in cinematography in recent years, making their movies superior to others. if someone knows which movie, it would be better to start waiting for a response to the comment.

i just uploaded a displaced spider man story
if you guys want you are very much welcome to read it
if there are any mistakes then plz inform me and i could fix it up
and use it for future stories

Rip Stan lee died November 12 2018

I have the first chapter published for an MLP/Marvel crossover-- it hardly involves major Marvel characters and focuses on a pack of feral symbiotes invading Equestria and starting an outbreak of symbiotic zombies.

I have a series of X-Men/Equestria Girls crossover stories planned for the future. One of my blogs gives a summary about the first one I have planned.

Which one do you think is more interesting:
Transformers vs Godzilla
Justice League vs Avengers

Hey guys! I'm in a bit of a pickle. I am getting ready to start my third entry in my Ghost Pony Rider series and I want it to be good. What am asking is, I was wondering if any of ya'll would like to be a proofreader. I have a habit of misspelling, and making small grammar mistakes that I don't see until the chapter is done. With this new story I could really use a hand. PM if your interested! :twilightsmile:

Marvels, all the Great Heros and mean vilains.
Sounds like fun.
We have plenty of these right here in MLP, a few more should be just more fun.

I was kind of planning for a story or a few on the theme.


Could one of you guys show me how to post a story here? Im totally lost here haha

Hey guys, just finished my Marvel X DC X MLP crossover, could use some input from some Marvel fans. The Renegades

Hey guys, I've been wanting to get a collab project working for a LONG time now, if any of you are interested, hit me up with a PM :P

Hi everyone! I just joined this group after seeing it on the groups tab next to my fan fic... :derpytongue2:

I was thinking of maybe posting my story here then all of a sudden it seems the my story was already here! :pinkiegasp:

wow... did someone add it here without me knowing or was this all... automatic?! :pinkiegasp:

anyway, it's so cool i found this group!


I have been offline for a while now as many of you know, but I am very happy to see that this group has gained a good number of members since I have been away from the site. I will try to make it a goal of coming online more often. I would like to give a big thanks to Bright Heart for taking the reigns of getting a banner set up and for everything else you have done for the group. I also thank everyone who helped out with the group in anyway and thank every group member.


305284 o its ok you didn't know :derpytongue2: :pinkiehappy:

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