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I'm all up for heroes, and crossovers so count me in:scootangel:!

Which one do you think is more interesting:
Transformers vs Godzilla https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=jy2NxI4W5us
Justice League vs Avengers https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=P8JzVdBMyI0

Guys you forgot some!

And the PMV of it!

And the non-PMV of the Teen Titans theme!

matt here saying i don,t know that my comp was go to died on me but now i am back so now i have a new compyou can sk me now ok.

Can I upload my Mega Mare story in this group? It's not based off of a comic books series but a video game franchise.

337115 let my look at it ok

I have no idea if my story, "When Worlds Collide" qualifies for this group.

The human character in my story is first evil, than good.

That counts as a hero right?


330387 it might be a bit late, but HiE usually stands for Human in Equestria.

I gotta ask, what does "HiE" stand for?

305283 What to you thank now about this group.

323745 YES that wood be me ok.

I am looking for 4 authors of Mare Do Well stories to co-author a Mare Do Well version of the popular video game, Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions. What I need are authors who've created 4 alternate versions of Mare Do Well. One to serve as the primary Mare Do Well, one to serve as kind of a Mare Do Well from an alternate past, one to serve as Mare Do Well Noir, which has kind of a darker setting, and a Mare Do Well from a distant future that may or may never come to pass. Auditions begin...now. However, I will not be able to see them until September. So, hit me with your your best shot!

Hello everybody/everypony.
I just joined the Fimfiction page and I'm writing two stories about heroes, The Doom Patrol and Dark nights, Dark Knight. For both i would like some suggestions since they're my very first fics. Also I hope you like what I already wrote.
(Sorry if bad english, blame google)

316418 hey i did nor know ok


You misspelled the word 'heroes'

313423 nothing welcome to HEROS

What's up, I'm doing good.

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