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Meet Dusk Noir, a stallion from Canterlot. He might seen like your average stallion, but this one's got a secret. By day, he's a normal stallion with a normal life. But, when the sun goes down, he becomes El Dragon, the leader of the elemental superhero team the Element Squad. For years, the Element Squad had protected Canterlot from the evil that threatens it. But these heroes' lives are about to change forever. One night, they're discovered by the Princess of the Sun and sent to Ponyville where Dusk is given the chance to meet the pony who helped him find friendship. What awaits these heroes as they begin the next chapter of their adventure?

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So is this more of a liberty taking adaptation of Dusk? Because this Dusk is hardly anything like the Dusk I remember. I'm willing to give it a chance, however.

Interesting, so far. I actually kinda like how they are connected to ancient protectors before them, but they themselves cannot stop Nightmare Moon.

I kinda like the setup with Dusk's friends...even if their names and powers are a little different than what I'm used to seeing in mlp fanfics

The more I read, the more similarities I see with original Dusk. This isn't a bad adaptation, but so far, I wouldn't say I prefer it over original either. But that's ok. I admire the creativity. And I have to admit that the transition you've set up with Dusk and his friends going to Ponyville was done decent.

My one gripe is the fact that the whole reason for Dusk to desire a friendship with Twilight to begin with is because he'd been unsuccessful at rising above his own self loathing to make friends in the first place.

That said, however. I can kinda buy his relationship with these characters and I can also kinda buy that he's still thinking about Twilight. And I can see the possibility and desire to be friends with her sparking some confidence to make friends along the way too.

I can't what to see some fan-art of the mane cast :twilightblush: :pinkiehappy:

Wait... is there like other books before this one?

You kept switching between first and third person.

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