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I'm a cartoon fanatic. Transformers, MLP, Disney Afternoon, Nickelodeon... you name it, I may or may not like it. Also big into Action, Romance, Adventure and Comedy genres.


Been too long. · 7:46am Jul 9th, 2017

It's been a while since I even looked at this website.

My passion for writing has somewhat dwindled over the last year. But somewhere inside of me wants to do it. If I do, it will have to be at a steady pace because I just don't have the time I used to have.

I hope that if I can come back and start posting stories again that I can work on bigger projects and not pressure myself to get them out.

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  • EFinding Home
    A young pegasus, with a tough past, goes to seek something which may have been with him the whole time. Join Cloudsdale's Singer Case, as he aims to achieve his goals, find true love and find his place in Equestria.
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Thanks for the follow, dude!😁

1895622 Overall the writing tells a nice story. The only thing I can think of as advice would be to try proof reading your chapters more if you don't already. I did notice lots of grammar errors and confusing word usage at parts. Other than that, it was fine. You already have lots more writing experience than I do anyway.

1891523 The whole thing? Dang! I hope so. It wasn't as strong as I wanted to make it, but I think it's decent. I really need to work on my narrative in my writing, but I am glad you like it. Any advice that you think I sh work on as a fellow writer?

Hey Auto. I read "Finding Home." I thought it was very good. :)

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