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Book IV
Dusk used to think he was the most unimportant, useless pony that had ever lived. He didn't think that anypony would accept him and he would always be alone, save for one. How wrong he was. With the lord of chaos sealed away once again and his true destiny discovered, to say Dusk has come a long way from where he began would be an understatement.
Now he's the Seventh Element, new responsibilities as well as new opportunities have been opened up to him. An education, under one of the most powerful beings in Equestria has begun, allowing him to expand upon his magic, if he can handle it. At long last, he has taken his his friendship with Twilight to the next level, but that was only the first step. Now, they both must learn not only the magic of friendship, but of romance too.
But not everything is as perfect as it appears. Blackhole Doom may be gone, but his deeds and memories remain in Dusk's mind. Can he cope with the scars his darker self has left? Will he and his friends be able to confront them or will he keep them locked away? A story is told of a Fallen Soul, a fallen hero from time long past. But how much of it is actually a story and could it be something more?
With all of this, meeting new ponies, the good and the bad, new lessons to learn and new adventures to be had, it is true to say that Dusk... has finally dawned.
Cover again by the marvellous Quillin Words. Thanks!

Chapters (41)
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Comments ( 428 )

I know how he feels, having such a wide selection of glasses, and slowly narrowing down your choices.

A bit time consuming, but in the end it's worth it.

Yeah, I honestly expected a different outcome for this chapter. Though the bit at the end about Spike and Rainbow Dash was pretty funny.

Two chapters in and we already have 18,228 words?
*runs to kitchen and grabs two Mtn Dews and a bag of Chex Mix. returns to room, places food items on desk and leans back in office chair*
My evening is complete...

Wait a minute.... Star Chaser?
Isn't he the pony version of... Jack... Harkness...?
Oh. My. God.

2396148 The outcomes for these will be the same, but the events in these episode stories won't be entirely focused on them.
BTW Forward, Star Chaser isn't Pony Captain Jack. Sorry to disappoint.

"Oh please, can you imagine me as a princess? I don't think so."

I see what you did there. :ajsmug:

Sigh, why are ponies always so indecisive.

Wow.....you really did a good job explaining magic. Dang. Very well thought out, my friend.

Update for you my sir! Cover should hopefully be done within a week's time.

So I don't know how far you plan on getting episode-wise with this story, but I personally can't wait until Dusk has to meet Shinning Armor (because we all know how older brothers can be about their sisters) ^.^

Another Amazing chapter... We are not going to have to deal with Fallen Soul next are we?

2411529 Heed them not! We must fight back that red bar!

2411805 Most likely. He is the one next dealt with, if I am not mistaken.

I like how you chose for them to go to Rarity for help instead of Fluttershy.

It always seemed like it would've been the more logical choice.

Nice picks for the songs. Just can't have Nightmare Night without that last one!:yay:

Jealous Twilight is most annoying :trixieshiftleft:

Jealous Twilight is 50% cute and %50 Scary/Unstable

Jealous Twilight... Jealous Brave Heart... Hmmm I think I know what this arc is turning into.

Welcome to the TWILIGHT Zone. Where sh*t happens and where you gonna die!

So, I get the bad friend award. I should have recognized that last song much sooner than I did (I have a friend obsessed with the original.)

I'm intruiged by the story of Fallen. You alluded to it twice in the last book.

Comment posted by Music-and-magic deleted Apr 13th, 2013

Dude should have seen it coming. Anyways, your pic gets a win.

does Friendzoning work the other way too? Cause then I can totally see where the blow to the pride comes into play

2418297 Oh I saw it coming, but you still gotta pay your respects to the poor guy.

And yes, it can work the other way.

Oh god please no. Let's hope this is just a smaller plot arc that leads to a relationship report to Celestia. Cause once Fallen gets out (for he's obviously going to. Look how nervous Luna was of the subject.) Chaos and trouble is going to spring up again. (It'd be nice to have a little more fluff before we dive back into Saving Equestria and each other again)

And if Twi used her head, she'd remember that she and Dusk already covered Rarity. (Book two I think? Cause Twi was getting bent out of shape cause of the time he was spending with Rare then too)

Twi, sometimes I kinda just want to clock her to get some sense through.

So what's next an Ep chapter or more new story?

Out of curiosity, what is with Rainbow Dash blushing every time she looks at Dusk? Is it just because of what happened in this chapter, or is there impeding drama?

2426082 Oh, well that's simple. You see- *static blocks out the rest* - so, you see, that's why.:trollestia:

2426129 You don't get it! I'll be torn in loyalty between my favorite character and this adorable ship!!! :applecry:

2427751 Welp, you're screwed. Have fun with that!

Oh yeah, cause that wasn't cryptic at all *rolls eyes*

Anyways, it's scary someone's after them, but I dove the personification of the pets ^.^

2427918 I am seriously scared about it, because I find both adorable. Although, I really only think that TwilightxDusk works out in the end.

Even if the author did post the chapters out of order, it only makes the red pony in the woods more sketch

Yay all around! Everything's normal again, time for chaos to return.

"Don't I know it?" she said. "I still remember that time you sent a servant out to the market, for some elbow grease and waterproof towels. How long was he running around for?"

The only way I could have laughed harder at this would have been if 'waterproof towels' had been changed to 'headlight fluid'.

For some reason I envision Angel as being voiced by Daniel Tosh....

2439072 Yeah, but I could only get half the reference in. They don't have cars in Equestria.

I have read and enjoyed it. But I must scold you. For two days the chapters were juggled around in a horribly confusing manor. Next time make a blog post explaining why.

Oh god....you're actually going through with this Rainbow Dash thing. I fear for her safety......for Tartarus hath no fury like a jealous Twilight Sparkle. :rainbowderp:

Very good sir. Perchance you could write more of thine elequent tale?

Good luck Dusk, being in the middle of a love triangle is NOT fun at all. Especially when it's with friends.

And poor Dusk won't have a clue about how to deal with it XD

2444134 Yup....dear god. Talk about torn loyalties........

Awwwww, that last bit was cute. :rainbowkiss:

That may have been the best chapter yet. :heart:

I was hoping Twilight was going to jump him when she found out.

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