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Optimus Prime and Princess Celestia would've gotten along SO well. They're both wise, humble, and noble leaders.


Long Time... I Hate Myself · 1:11am Apr 29th, 2019

I have finally deciphered where I wanted to go with my story. Took me forever to even think of where it should've gone. I apologize to anyone who has waited oh-so patiently for me to complete the story. No more, I shall finish what I started. It won't happen immediately, expect no miracles.

P.S. Wow... 2019. I hope to make up for this long as hell Hiatus.

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1887707 Hello, how can I help you?

1570602 Just keep at it and your story may be featured. :twilightsmile:

1570540 Oh I can assure you, me and Humanity talk often and I already thanked him thousand times for what he did :)
And yes there are some errors here and there... thank you for overlooking them for the time being. I hope to improve that

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