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Optimus Prime and Princess Celestia would've gotten along SO well. They're both wise, humble, and noble leaders.


Long Time... I Hate Myself · 1:11am Apr 29th, 2019

I have finally deciphered where I wanted to go with my story. Took me forever to even think of where it should've gone. I apologize to anyone who has waited oh-so patiently for me to complete the story. No more, I shall finish what I started. It won't happen immediately, expect no miracles.

P.S. Wow... 2019. I hope to make up for this long as hell Hiatus.

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1887707 Hello, how can I help you?

1570602 Just keep at it and your story may be featured. :twilightsmile:

1570540 Oh I can assure you, me and Humanity talk often and I already thanked him thousand times for what he did :)
And yes there are some errors here and there... thank you for overlooking them for the time being. I hope to improve that

1570533 If you should thank anyone, it's Humanity for suggesting your story in his blog. Your story is very intriguing... though, some spelling errors here and there, but easily forgiven.

  • Viewing 28 - 32 of 32
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