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Optimus Prime and Princess Celestia would've gotten along SO well. They're both wise, humble, and noble leaders.

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Twilight's normal days in Ponyville are fleeting. She will meet new, strong friends; and encounter new, evil foes. Generosity, Honesty, Laugher, Kindness, Loyalty and Magic; elements of friendship with unbinding qualities and those who wish to abuse them. The test of their friendship's limits is completed. Now, each element will be tested on their own limits. Will they pass with flying colors(no pun intended)? Or will they succumb to their element's dark counter-parts?

The War for Equestria is only the beginning...

12/3/2014UPDATE NOTICE: This story is being reworked and reedited, so there's a moderate to high possibility the chapters are going along differently than before. Please bear with me so that this story can receive another chance.

My Little Pony Friendship is Magic and Transformers Prime belongs to Hasbro

This takes place after The Matrix of Leadership was restored, thus Orion Pax becoming Optimus Prime once more. Also, this places along the time after the Equestria Girls event.

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