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This is a group for Bronies/Pegasisters/Whatever-you-call-yourselves that belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

Anyone is welcome to join, but we ask that everyone adhere to a few rules:
-No swearing
-No inappropriate language or images
-No arguments or insults about anyone or anything
-No Spam threads
-No NSFW stuff
-Have fun
We don't have that many rules so please help us out here. We know you all are amazing people so we won't need to worry about this.

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Comment posted by ldsbrony100 deleted April 26th

Ehhhh, I don't see why not. Just follow the rules and I think you'll be fine.

I'm not a Mormon myself, but a lot of my friends are Mormon. Is everyone cool with me being here?

Hey, welcome to the community!:pinkiehappy:

HI all, was feeling right down and disheartened recently. Thought I was one of the few LDS bronies about and have just resolved to stop publishing on Fimfic when I found you! I still stand by my decision for the moment, but thought you'd like to see some of my published stories. I strive to make them LDS standard, so no sex, bad language and keeping violence/gore to a minimum.

I've put my latest story in the adventure section so feel free to check it out.

Good to know I'm not the only LDS brony out there.

397477 Yes ^^ That's why I chose it.

Does anyone else really like the OC in the icon?

Yes! I have found my people!

Wow my friends, looking at the calendar I have discovered that Mormon Bronies is one year old! Not only that, but it's now the highest group out of all the groups I'm apart of, thank you.

Yay! I'm not the only Latter-day saint that's a brony! :pinkiehappy: :yay:

361446 We came from the internet. hahah:rainbowwild:

Comment posted by Safhell deleted May 28th, 2014

Why did I not know this existed!? I'm so joining this group! Nice to see religiously familiar faces!

Wow, I got on today after being away for a week due to baseball and saw that we have 41 members. That's amazin, where did you all come from? ZD

I do, but not for much longer. Heading off to BYU this fall.

Write on,

ANYPONY here still go to stake dances or is within the age to go???

MY PEOPLE!!!!!!! I've found my people!!!:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

I may not be a brony, but I shall support my Brothers and Sisters where 'ere they may be.

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