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All of the Above

Retired fanficion writer. I don't understand you people, and yet I can't help but come back.


Hey guys, guess what! · 12:58am Aug 30th, 2017

I'm leaving. Forever.

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The Stories · 4:42pm Apr 16th, 2020

I'll start with the earliest ones and go forward from there.

Pony Island
Don't really know about this one. Every idea I had I threw at the wall until something interested me. I didn't have an end in mind, I just wanted to write something. It was my first story, so I wanted to have fun. After a while, it started becoming harder and harder to write it. Don't know why, but all ideas just stopped. And eventually, I just gave up on the idea.

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Of course, awesome possum!

Thankies! Here, have a cookie. 🍪😋

You're my friend-a-doodle now. 😇💖

Thanks! The same goes for you!

Thanks for the follow. Deuces.

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