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Retired fanficion writer. I don't understand you people, and yet I can't help but come back.



His friend pointed her out. He was looking around and spotted an orange rainforest in a busy group of people. And after he started staring at it, he couldn't stop.

And then he found himself sitting across from the girl with the really big hair. Was she angry? Was she upset? He had no idea, he couldn't stop staring at her hair.

Read the story that inspired this story!

Dazzled by Pennington Inkwell. It's a lot better than my story, and deserves a lot more likes than it does.

Chapters (2)
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Yes, sometimes I sit and stare at my crush's cute curly hair... it's not weird, he's just usually sitting in front of me. :derpytongue2:
I will read this later!

@All of the Above...

You are not the only one to have been inspired by Adagio Dazzle's hair...

Irresistable Charm, by DeviantArt(ist) Beavernator


Good story and, seriously, Adagio's hair is ridiculous.

Though it's kinda silly for Adagio to claim love doesn't exist, given how badly she wanted to force the rest of the world to love the three of them.

I'm glad you enjoyed it! I hope you can find the time of day to read the sequel!

5630708 Don't worry I will. I'm working on my story in the meantime. although I got 27 dislikes sadly.

5630874 I know i'll show you, here's the link let me know what you think of it I've been getting baaaad comments and some good ones : http://www.fimfiction.net/story/178074/jd-and-devins-adventures-in-equestria

My Reaction: images.khinsider.com/The%20World%20Ends%20With%20You/Artwork/Mugshots/Sho06.png

Hmm. Interesting. Too bad its just one chapter; I can see this going further.

Did you not click my link I left in my other comment?

5631209 Oh! Hard to see the different font color. My bad.

This was a pretty cool story! :twilightsmile: Is there going to be a sequel to this?

I think I missed a step. He's the son of adogeio? What?

Abd what happened to the hair? The part of the story I wanted to see lasted three seconds.

Oh my gosh, you made the prequel after the originals. What are you, George Lucas?


Also, the imagery in this fic is delicious. :ajsmug:

Why do I feel like I just read my high school life.

...Ugh! I want to love it! I want to love the hair and I do but...I can't deny my inner-preference to straight locks!

Mayhaps this story be getting a sequel?

Added in Favorites, Lovepy story! :) Will we getba sequel? That would be AWESOME!

If you want it, you'll have to beg for it.:twilightsmile:

Comment posted by chrisfluttershy deleted Mar 29th, 2016

Apparently. I mean, if the ratings tell me anything, then this is probably the best thing I've ever written.

the dazzling s saw the twin towers from cafe that night before the movie began after they came back it was gone

Story is nice but man this protag is a dick.

That was kind of the point. Had I not abandoned the concept, the sequel would have focused on his and Adagio's personal lives and the problems they face. Protag would have grown up and Adagio would have soothed her anger and opened up to other people.

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