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Everyone hated Adagio... Well, most guys did. There was this one kid named Clef Rest, seemingly both a good singer and a brave guy. People don't really know him that much, but he'll be notorious throughout Canterlot High for defending such a villain like Adagio.

Artwork done by ta-na!

Featured on 10/26!

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first ^^
this warms my icy heart

Quite delicious~ Nicely done man! :yay:

FINALLY! An EQG shipping story that's not a second person story. Thank you!

Would the inspiration for the name Clef Rest have come from the story "The Dazzlings: After The Fact"?

Oh, awesome! :rainbowdetermined2:

7670706 No...

Like a story or Silver Quill? I just got it off my head.

7670853 Huh, well cool, it just reminded me of the name I used for my Dazzlings story

OHMYGOSH THIS WAS GREAT! I loved it. Excellent dialogue and great job writing everyone down! Keep this up because I wouldn't mind a sequel! Lol. Till your next story!

Predictable, but sweet. Wouldn't mind a sequel or a series.

Do you know if ta-na does requests?

7671273 Don't know. He's a really good artist, though!

That.....was amazing! you sir are amazing! keep up the good works!

You...just made my freaking year...not day...year!:heart:

Wait, this is a story based on someone defending a thousand year old+ creature who spent their time turning people against each other and spreading discord and hatred in communities, and it's meant to make this person defending them seem like the good guy? Shouldn't there be an AU tag or something?

Nice. This is an excellent story, my friend. :twilightsmile:

Clef could just go to the principal and tell her what happened. The group would be in a LOT of trouble. Fun how short-sighted some people are.
Besides, seriously, ganging up? If you have a problem with someone, don't gang up. Makes you look weaker than you already are.

Still, a knight in shining armor indeed. Adagio's disdain was clouding her mind for way too long. And those descriptions at the start. Well, if those were her thoughts, she was putting herself in so much denial it almost hurt. Tough talk, but so much of it that it was (to me) strongly hinting that she was nearing her limit.

Well, as Fluttershy the pony once said... sometimes, all you need is a little kindness.

Good read :twilightsmile:


but he'll be known notorious throughout Canterlot High for defending such a villain like Adagio.

Get rid of the word in red and add the words highlighted green. That's all.

AU tag should it be when they are thousands years old, because in canon they are teenagers. It's strange, but the portal Starswirl used, was uploading them thousand years into the human world. Probably slow conection. :rainbowlaugh: When we see them in the movie they spent in the human world only few months or years and not thousand.


I'm 100% sure that's entirely headcanon. Their ages are not mentioned. Just that a thousand years ago they were banished. There was nothing about a huge time offset that would lead them to only being teenagers, especially since I doubt they were anything less than nigh-immortal adults in order to be a big enough threat to early pony society and a grand magus like Starswirl to require his banishing them to be some other world's trouble. Nothing about it makes the slightest bit of sense.

Until something says specifically they are only... say, sixteen years old, they are explicitly over a thousand years old. And from everything we've seen, they are what we consider evil. It doesn't matter if it's somehow required for them to live (the usual villain apologist fanon), they enjoy spreading hatred and conflict, canonically speaking. That's why I'm questioning if this needs an AU tag.


I know people immediately dismiss the comics as non-canon but the FIENDship is Magic series was commissioned by Hasbro to be the official origin story for the respective villains. Granted they still could be very old even in Equestria, they were clearly sent to the modern day EQG world.

It's not bad but there is some strange wording here and there that take away from the immersion. Might be worth having someone go through it with a fine toothed comb to root out those instances.

7672781 Eh, nobody's perfect. :twilightsheepish: Still a bit rusty.

7672333 Maybe that's what happens when you force the portal open like that without a proper anchor like Sunset's book to guarantee when and where you go.

Hey, no problem, it comes with practice. :twilightsmile:

6000 words on the dot, I love you have a like.

MY GOD (:trollestia:) I want a sequel


The comics are non-canon to the show. When something like this happens it's called 'side-canon' or 'comic-canon'. It's a very common occurrence. Examples include how Marvel movies differ so wildly from 'original canon', being the comics in this case, the source material. Marvel chooses to explain this as the movies happening in their own separate universe. On that note, IDW (MLP comics) has also done comic work for Transformers, which was/is set in the Marvel-verse, as a matter of fact. Further evidence is that in the comics, Twilight Velvet is A.K. Yearling, where we see in the show that A.K. Yearling is her own pony and Daring Do, clearly deviating from show-canon/original source material and one of many such examples showing there's a clear disconnect between the two. Quick rule of thumb is, if it isn't presented/referenced to in the show or said by a staff member in regards to the show itself, it's just side canon.

As for that, canonically, we don't know if they were sent to the modern year in EQG's world and any evidence we do have doesn't suggest that. We just see them there during the current time period, nothing stating they've only been there a week or so despite being sent there over a thousand years ago.

NICE!!!! Please.Do.More Adagio X human. :pinkiehappy:


I know what side canon is. My point was those five particular comics were commissioned by Hasbro to be the Official origin stories. Just like the book Journal of the Two Sisters is the only canon book, those five comics are the only canon comics. All the others are side canon but those five are confirmed to be main canon.

There's also evidence in the movie itself. At the very beginning, the sirens are talking about how that world sucks and how the magic is different there. That's not a conversation you have after living somewhere for 1000 years. After that long it's doubtful they would even remember Equestria.


That's less evidence and more exposition.


Fair enough. Plus, like I said, even if they were sent to modern day, their ages still aren't given so they could, in theory, still be ancient.

i really really really really really really REALLY enjoyed this

7677819 its really well done id love to see more dazzlings stories by you

7677822 Oh, don't worry. :raritywink: There's many.

7677843 i will defiantly look out for more

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Comment posted by Pete100 deleted Jul 14th, 2020

Is there gonna be a sequel?

I hope so. Because this story was just phenomenal. :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

Usually we see the actually reformed villains get the glory on here and we relate to them because they’ve actually turned it around (hence why Starlight Glimmer’s my favorite character, with Sunset Shimmer being a close 2nd).

But with villains we haven’t seen reformed; we’d have to get a picture in or mind’s eye as to what that would look like, or make the change happen ourselves and see what would happen. Like Clef did.

I’m really looking forward to a sequel, if there (hopefully) is one.

Who’s clef? Also, why do you like starlight more than sunset?

Clef is the main male character in this story.

And I actually like Sunset and Starlight both a pretty similar amount.

They’re both amazing characters who’ve had their fair share of demons and won; as well as turning themselves into downright awesome characters in the end.

In fact, Starlight only gets the slight edge because she’s been in more content for much longer than Sunset.

Both are extremely amazing, and if I could spend time with either one; I would. :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

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