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Two weeks after the Rainbooms defeated the Dazzlings in the battle of the bands, Adagio Dazzle finds herself alone and powerless, struggling to keep herself together. Her entire world has been torn down: her sisters abandoned her, and to make matters that much worse, she has no money, and no place to live: the siren queen, crudely forced into a place that she's never been. Homeless, starving, broken. The future, so far, has held no good for her.

Sunset Shimmer, on the other hand, has had a wonderful few weeks with her friends. Everything is going perfectly: some say she's "the girl with everything". But truthfully, Sunset's life isn't all that everyone assumes it to be: everybody has secrets, and some are bigger than others.

After an unexpected encounter, Sunset and Adagio find themselves living together, tacking yet another secret onto Sunset, and making life even more difficult for Adagio. But in the end, we all must rebuild from the destruction that is our lives.

Chapters (2)
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Comment posted by Rated R-Superstar deleted Jan 30th, 2015

Nice use of the song by Egypt Central, it's one of my favorite's.

Is that title in reference to a song? Cause if so, kudos.

Hmm, I'm intrigued...

Holy RoboJesus this was awesome sauce. Ultron approves.

I am liking it. Another great story by an awesome writer. :twilightsmile:


got any suggestions for other egypt central songs? I've listened to White Rabbit, but it's become one of my favorite songs over the past couple of months.

Starting to get good. I approved. :pinkiesmile:

Interesting. I'm curious to read where you'll take this story. Nicely done. :twilightsmile:

If I may ask, how did you get the idea of referencing the song White Rabbit with the story?

same here cheesypie :raritystarry:

What are the cover art images you've used here?

Ok. You had my curiosity with that last chapter.

This? Yeah, I'm hooked.

Ohhhhh, shit. :rainbowderp:

Wow wow, I had to read that last bit again :pinkiegasp: damn and I thought things couldn't get worse for Adagio thinks for proving me wrong twice in one chapter

Can't wait for more! Another amazing chapter. :pinkiehappy:

Here's to hoping the next chapter is already close. The description lets on that she's going to be ok, of course, but very much looking forward to seeing how things progress, especially with the hanger at the end here. ;)

Need more romance-y stuff for these two, especially given the long-term implications for your development here (again, per description). Happy to see this.


Wait, why was Sunset suddenly so tired? Did i miss something?

Love the pairing.

I hope Adagio's personality starts to come out, well, at all. She's slipped into self-loathing way too easily for someone who, I feel, is extremely aware of the kind of life she leads and has an enormous ego to boot. Other than you using her name I can't really tell it's her.

That dude tried to take advantage of her and she should have easily seen through it.

poor adagio and can't wait of the next chapter :pinkiehappy::yay:

Who's the guy that helped Adagio?

just got done reading both chapters it's good so far but the pacing seems a little too fast. Other than that it's pretty good.

5593514 qoute on quote "Helped"

Stranger danger

Loving the use of song lyrics at the start.

You can't offer your poison to me

wow poor adagio :fluttercry:
very good chapter by the way :pinkiehappy:
I hope I can continue it :twilightsmile:

Yo where's the next one?:raritydespair:

Interesting... but I think there's a bit of OOCness going on.

Even with the big blow her pride would have taken, Adagio doesn't feel like Adagio Dazzle. Similarly, the rest of the Rainbooms apparently regularly ignoring Sunset Shimmer (particularly after they formed closer bonds following Rainbow Rocks) doesn't fit the characters.

Well, dang. Not sure how I feel about some of the characterization here, 'specially with the Rainboom's oddly callous approach to Adagio, but you have my attention regardless.

Is this story dead? Cause I was really liking it.

Is this dead?

6059023 mayyyybe:pinkiehappy:
someone reboot, update, something for the expansion of the story or i will kill (not really)

okay I'm intrigued. I'm also very curious about the ties to the song/lyrics. and surprised Sunset didn't go after Adagio.
I like the subtle way we become privy to the fact that Adagio is alone and almost crazed in her inability to let go of what's happened, and how Sunset still doesn't feel fully integrated into the circle of friends (where in most fics, defeating the Dazzlings is exactly what gets her to be completely accepted by everyone). I approve

it's like she simultaneously loves and hates (or maybe resents?) the other two sirens
"she began to lay her head down on the wheel and just drive at 30mph throughout the streets" this sounds like something I've done... I try to keep it on the highways and at night
well shit, that just happened. if Sunset felt bad before... I have to say though, if she was going 45 when she hit Adagio, there's no way she would've stopped anywhere near her, even if she had amazing reflexes. and at 45 Adagio's gonna be REALLY screwed up

Woah! Wait uhh
(Continued next chapter)

Okay, so I'm thinking that the 'kind, helpful guy' suggested the wrong kind of payment from Adagio.

Meanwhile... Sunny, on what planet do you think it is okay to drive when you're dead on your feet? Get one of the girls to drive you, if you must. Certainly, Rainbow probably knows how to drive and I would be shocked if Rarity didn't already have her own car, being the 'young lady of affairs' that she sees herself as being! Sorry, if I'm getting preachy but irresponsible driving is one of my triggers.


OMG please update!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:raritydespair:

NEED MORE!!!!!!!!!

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