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All of the Above

Retired fanficion writer. I don't understand you people, and yet I can't help but come back.

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Heh, heh, first base.:raritywink:

But for reals, this was a neat story.

pretty nice! Great work:pinkiehappy:

"I'm not a fan of First Base!"

So, you're into Second Base?

Yeah, the name First Base feels needlessly suggestive here. The switch to Apple Bloom's perspective at the end is also a tad jarring. Still, cute one shot overall.

When I realized what the deal was, I was floored. Great job. Bravo.

Everypony is saying Second Base' name is sexual and i'm over here like hmmmm never heard of that pony. Nice name. Never dawned on me it would mean anything else. *facehoof* soooo slow brain.

Awww, it was so sweet when Sweetie Belle made Apple Bloom feel better! :pinkiesad2:

It was a well written story, have a like! :twilightsmile:

Daw, this was so sweet. And well written too! *upvotes, favorites and follows* :pinkiehappy:

Not a bad little story. I especially liked the setup. Hurt/Comfort tales are sweet, and the ending held a surprise too. Thanks for sharing. :twilightsmile:

Can I be in the forest and hug Applebloom as she cries? I hate to see her so sad. I use my magic to turn her and Sweetie Belle into human girls that play and have fun, and when they are done, I turn them back into ponies and they are happy again.

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