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When Adagio is caught wearing a rather unusual piece of clothing, Aria and Sonata can not help but ask questions about it.

(:rainbowderp: featured on October 26, 2018. Was not expecting that :pinkiehappy:)

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Where can I get one of my own?

As funny as this was meant to be, just seems like these hooddies would comfort them psychologically. I think some component of ones mind would never feel comfortable as the species you where not born as, a little remind would make you feel better. Which would explain why Aria got one too :)

We need an epilogue.

I need to know how well Sonatokyo was received by her followers :P

"For crying out loud!" she shouted. "Am I the only one in this house who hasn't gone insane?"

Welcome to being the Only Sane Man. It sucks.

Aria as a videogame programmer? Never saw that one before.

This was a really nice snapshot of all three of them :twilightsmile:

And Sonata is so dead :facehoof:

I think their siren forms are sexy... :pinkiecrazy: (F-ing furries, I tell ya...)

9253165 Well, if I transformed into an immensely-powerful S-shaped dragon... and could burninate my enemies with flames... yeah, I'd be ok with that! :pinkiecrazy:

Maybe an Epilogue featuring all three of them wearing their siren hoodies.

Other than that, this was a nice little “fluff” story. :trollestia:

Remember kids, RAWR in siren means die! For Aria, it means she'll mangle you!

Sonata will learn the hard way, but I feel she'd say it was worth it.

Adagio, will probably tease Aria for the rest of her life.

Loved it!

I assume this was inspired by the Adagio costume in Rollercoaster of Friendship. Very silly, cute, and funny! A few typos or missing words here and there, but nothing that detracts from the enjoyment. Congrats on the feature, you earned it!

Wait the What?! Did i miss some scene???

I don't know to be honest. The idea was inspired by the image used for the story, and the while some people on Derpi made the same association, the artist doesn't say one way or the other, nor do they have Rollercoaster of Friendship in the tags on their Deviantart. Yeah, it has similarities, but to me, it looks like it was meant to be something separate. More in line with the Kigurumi or the costume hoodies they sell around this time of year.

This is adorable.

I now want to write a story about Adagio. :heart:

let the confursion begin or something like that

I liked this.

It was fun, short, and just very fitting for a cute moment.

Bravo to a well done story. You write them very well.

Look up Choly Knight in Google.
She has free patterns to make cute hoodies with dragon or pony themes.
She also does commissions.

...That is the kind of stuff that makes me feel alive.

Wanderer D

Haha, I love it, thanks for sharing! We need more stories like these here.

This, just...all of this just made my day. This not only delighted me as a Brony but also as a Godzilla fan. Thanks for the smile before going back to work :twilightsmile:

Sonata is best kaiju.

"Good morning," came Sonata's annoyingly cheery (especially this early) voice. Aria merely gave a growl of acknowledgement, not even looking up at she continued by instinct and practice toward the machine whose potion would allow her to evolve into a creature capable of basic comprehension and human speech.

Aria is best caffeine zombie.

from her facial expression, neither does Rarity. :raritydespair:

may I suggest reading "The Bridge" if you have not already as it is right up that ally
nah cutest maybe but nothing tops Gigan "the Barbarous Barber" lol

Waaaaaaay ahead of you there, but believe me this was perfectly adorable on it's own merits :twilightsmile:

Hilarious, adorable, and a little bittersweet given how this is the closest these three will get to returning to their true forms. Thank you for it.

(And now I'm wondering if Sunset commissioned a unicorn hoodie...)

Aww the mental picture of the min their siren pyjamas is really cute!! Also...

Grabbing the large mug that looked like the disembodied head of a robotic fox, she began filling it with the vital brew.

Sorry but, can it be that Aria has a cup in the shape of Foxy from FNAF :twilightsheepish:

Yes. Yes she does. It was a gift from Sonata that Aria didn't totally hate.

:pinkiegasp: FNAF cups AND siren pyjamas?
Where is the next portal?! This is a world I want to visit at least once

It's not them in their hoodies but still cute enough.
From 40kponyguy.

"Seriously? What is this, 2006?"
"You're lucky I'm not using the camera audio, Aria."
"You know someone's going to read my lips and post it in the comments."
"Shut up and dance, you two."

Also, that Full Farm Stew sounds obscenely delicious.

But that's the brilliance of it (to Sonata at least). See, since it used to be so popular, the older fans on her channel will find it nostalgic and retro. At the same time, because it's been over around a decade, that means there are going to be younger viewers who won't really remember it, making the entire thing novel.

Plus, who can say no to Dazzling hip shaking?

Full Farm Stew?

I want the recipe!!


If it's anything like my usual chili 'recipe', it's not so much exact quantities of the ingredients, exact ingredients vary based on what's actually available, and it's never exactly the same twice.

I'd take even vaguely close, it sounds so tasty!

My mom makes a stew just like that every so often, and it is delicious. Also can’t get the image of the dazzlings dancing the caramelldansen out of my head

Dang it Sonata. Leave it to her to convince Aria to do something so silly. And bribed with food too. Aria most really love her cooking. :scootangel:

I do like the idea of Sonata being the best cook of the three because she actually took an interest in human foods. There's also a predatory psychological element to it for Aria though. The sirens look like they would be carnivorous predators, and Aria is the most aggressive, so I imagine that of the three of them, she likes meat the most. As such, having something that lets her eat more types of meat, the better. The stew lets her imagine that she had a very successful hunt.

I like that kinda head canon. :D You obviously gave this a lot ot thought. I liked the story too. Well done. So, what's Adagio's angle for teh hoodie?

A part of it is what she says in the story. It was something that was offered, and she found it cute, which is a side of her she hasn't had much chance to explore since she always had to be either tough to keep control of the group, or sexy to try and get people interested in her. Additionally 9253165 has a good piece of it as well. It gives them something that looks like how they used to. Not a perfect match, but a bit that makes it feel a little closer. So it's also something of a security blanket in a way.

Love that song. Even more than Dragostea Din Tei.

This is silly, ridiculous, and I can't stop reading it.

With a roar, Aria Blaze chased after a fleeing Sonata Dusk, threatening all sorts of bodily harm once she caught the little traitor. Sonata simply ran, laughing as she did.

I like the idea of Sonata being the Roadrunner to Aria's Wile E. Coyote

Man, the Dazzlings dressing up as sirens and dancing would be epic.

Why can't Hasbro make stories like this?

I would pay to see that in the show.......

Man, I think I that what I liked the most about the story was Adagio's laid back side, it was cute!
And sonata and Aria are just hilarious!

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