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This story is a sequel to Rainbow Unicorn: Friendship is Magic

Rainbow Burst (a unicorn version of Rainbow Dash and student of Princess Celestia) get two tickets to The Grand Galloping Gala. Except she doesn't want to go because she finds the whole thing boring. Maybe it won't be so bad if she has a friend with her. Turns out that they all want to go. What is she to do?

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This chapter made me wonder something, has anyone pointed out similarities between Rainbow Burst and Twilight Comet in this story, and the G1 characters, Moonstone and So Soft Twilight?

Question about the mane six cutie marks, are they the same as in canon or different in this AU? Twilight's and Rainbows cannon mark are related to magic and weather/flying, so I am imagining they are reversed in this story? Look forward to seeing were you go with this AU.

5627167 Rainbow Burst and Twilight Comet have different cutie marks, the others have the same ones from canon.

Hellz yes! Not surprised to see Rainbow Burst pushing herself too hard. Hopefully somepony can just put Applejack in touch with somepony who can sign off on her having a small concession stand selling apple appetizers (Appletizers?) at the beginning, instead of wasting her entire time there trying to drum up sales. Hay, I hope that most of the flops involved in canon can be avoided here.

5627298 Oh, don't worry. This going to become... very different :pinkiecrazy:

Looks good so far. Can'r wait for Chapter 4 to see what happens next!

That was a really nice chapter, but there a couple of times where your forgot to capitalise the "I"'s...

"That's actually why i'm here."

I shouldn't be thinking about manipulating somepony i think of as a friend like that.

This chapter is really great :pinkiehappy:

Nice chapter, but there's a very minor that you may want to edit.

Your little friends night will be more than she could ever imagine.

That should be "friend's".

I think you're getting better. Liking this a lot so far.

Damn Blueblood is a moron

that blueblood deserves jokes heavier >:c

Nice chapter, but I found two minor things you may want to edit.

"Here it is. Prince Bluebloods rooms."

That should be "Blueblood's".

"What is it that you need."

And that should be a question mark. Also, I was really hoping the Rarity would kick Prince Ballsless in the "Royal Jewels".

Oh, dear. I think Rarity just got a sledgehammer taken to her dreams of dear Prince Blue-brainless.

Well, at least her sense of humor is intact.

Too bad nothing came of this. All in all, you kept the character well inside the role of Rarity's foil.

Now I wonder if you're also going to incorporate having Rarity and Blueblood make up by the time of "Sweet & Elite" ^^

Ah, Blueblood, you entertaining moron. Never change...so that it remains highly easy to mock you.

Nice chapter, but there's a very minor error in it.

"it's Shining Armor, your majesty. I come with some mares who wish to invite you to a part of theirs."

Flowershy is... The Beastmaster.

ShiningxCelestia, huh? :rainbowderp:
Why hasn't this ship set sail yet?


Yeah, this could cause a whole lot of trouble for Shining if Twilight found out.

5723324 I think he meant Celestia had an appetite for 'McDonalds'. (Big Mac). Shining is clearly hooking up with Luna.


BIG MAC!!! You got some explainin' to do!!!


...Well, that answers my question...

Nice chapter, but there's one spot where you forgot to capitalize the start of a sentence.

"has Princess Luna had any of these yet?"

Oh Blueblood...
You poor, poor, poor fool of a stallion... :pinkiecrazy:
And if Rainbow doesn't get you...
*Pulls out multiple prank devices, ranging from pies, hot sauce, etc.*
Then I will... :pinkiecrazy:

Prince Blueblood picked up his face

"Picked up his face"?

Shouldn't that be "picked up his pace"?

Nice chapter, but there's one little thing I noticed that you may want to edit.

"Whatever the matte may be,"

Correct me if I'm wrong, but that should probably be "matter".

5727310 Nope, Blueblood was so shocked that his face actually fell off :pinkiehappy:

Well at least you did one thing right even if this may possibly be non-canon to your story. Assuming the Alicornification happens; it has always annoyed me a bit when people go the not-immortal route without any real mention of proof behind it. There have only been two known alicorns for so long that there is really little way to tell if the new ones are immortal or not until they actually reach old age. The better stories at least give a good reason why they aren't or show them at the end of thier lives as proof.

Actually, I bet she's laughing. She would have found the way Shining Armor reacted hilarious.

What does Shining Armor have to do with this?

5731960 Massive typo. He popped into my head several times when I was writing this chapter for some reason.

"Of course I am," Rainbow answered with a grin. She rubbed one hoof against her chest. "Come on Aj, it's going to take more than a little heat exhaustion to stop me."


"Well in my case," Applejack jumped in, "it would be a chance to make some sales. All them rich ponies walking around and waiting to get in, probably getting hungry. I bet they would just love to buy some of our apple products. I bet I could make as much there in one night as we normally do in a month. Do you have any idea how much I could to fix up the place?" Her wings began to flap and flutter excitedly. "Why, we could fix up the barn, replace the old plow, maybe even get enough to fix Granny's old hip!"
"Uh..." Rainbow said as she shifted, "you do realize that they have a buffet inside the ballroom, right?"
"I know," Applejack replied, "but there are plenty of ponies waiting outside. They probably get a might hungry after waiting for hours to get in. Could use a snack or beverage while they do."

Doubt it.

"Well if I got to go," Twilight explained, "I would get to see my brother. It's been a long time since we've seen each other face to face. Plus I would get to meet The Wonderbolts." She started to grin. "The best flyers in all of Equestria. Do you know much advice they could give me? The tips they have? I bet with their help, I could even do a Twilight Starburst."
"A what now?" Rainbow asked.
"It's this idea Twi had since flight school," Applejack answered. "You ever hear the story of that Sonic Rainboom?" Rainbow Burst nodded. "Well, Twilight thinks that she can do something like that."
"Well it can't be a Sonic Rainboom," Twilight replied. "You have to be a rainbow pegasus for that. But I leave a starry contrail behind me when I fly. I bet that if I could make it, it would create an effect when I reach the right velocity."

That's, actually very clever, it foreshadows Sonic Rainboom a bit better than the show did, even if it is a good episode, or, as it will probably be called "Twilight Starburst", but this is an interesting foreshadow.

"Well," Twilight said first, "I should probably get to work. There's supposed to be rain later, and the sky is not as cloudy as it should be by now."
"Yeah," Applejack agreed. "I need to get going too. Have some deliveries to make and such."
"Okay then."

What are they planning? Because this feels way too awkward.


What would they look like? I can imagine Rainbow's being Twilight's but with a Rainbow color scheme, but, Twilight's?

"Yeah. I bet that if you wrote to Princess Celestia and asked, she would be willing to send you two tickets of your own. That way..."

That might actually work, just ask politely, and I'm sure she'll say yes.

"Are you kidding?" Pinkie cried out, hopping up and down. "Why wouldn't I want to go?" Turning away her horn lit up. Balls of raw magic formed in the air around them, shifting and changing to take various shapes.
"They would have all sorts of decorations: like streamers, and fairy lights, and pinwheels, and piƱatas. All sort of treats and goodies: cookies, and cakes, and honey crunch bars, sugar cubes, and sugar canes, and licorice. Games like Pin the Tail on the Pony and The Pony Pokey. It's the biggest, bestest, most amazing party in all of Equestria."
The images vanished as Pinkie stopped using her magic. She then turned her full attention to Rainbow Burst.

That's, a useful trick.

"Him," Rarity repeated with a dreamy sigh. "I can see it now: I would stroll through The Gala, and all would wonder 'who is that mysterious mare? Why have we not seen her before? Who made that absolutely gorgeous dress she is wearing?' They would never guess that I am a simple pony from Ponyville."
Rainbow Burst and Pinkie Pie glimpsed at each other, but said nothing.

This. Just this. This is funny. Have a cookie. Also, don't you mean glanced?

"So does that mean you will take me?" Flowershy asked. She looked up at Rainbow Burst with her eyes wide, smiling hopefully.


"Clouds," Twilight Comet replied. "That's actually why I'm here." She motioned up toward the sky with one of her wings. "It's about to start raining when I noticed you out here. I figured that since we were such good close friends, it would be nice of me to warn you before it started so that you wouldn't get wet."

Smart way to try and get the ticket without being too obvious..

Ugh, she mentally groaned to herself. What the hay am I thinking? I shouldn't be thinking about manipulating somepony I think of as a friend like that. What would Princess Celestia think if she knew?


"Most don't eat gemstones around here," Rainbow said instead. "It will just take time to get used to things around here, for us and them."

Wise choice of words.

"It's not that," Rainbow said. "Well, for the most part. It's more like..."
She paused and took a deep breath.
"Each one of them seems to have this wonderful and great dream of what The Gala will be like and what will happen," she explained. "Twilight thinks she'll get to see her brother and hang out with The Wonderbolts. I can't say anything about her brother, but so many ponies want to be around The Wonderbolts, they barely get to spend time with anypony in particular. Applejack wants to sell her apple goods, but most of the ponies there would rather have the buffet inside. Pinkie imagines the whole thing like one of her parties. I imagine that she would be incredibly bored and disappointed to find out what it's actually like. Rarity thinks she's going to meet Prince Blueblood and fall in love, and she would probably be heartbroken to see what he's really like. The only one that would actually be happy would possibly be Flowershy, and she doesn't even care about the actual dance. She just wants to see the gardens."

I see...

"We need to get back to the library," Rainbow explained. "You need to write a letter to Princess Celestia, and I need to get ready to grab the next train to Canterlot."
"Because, I'm going to do my best to show my friends just what The Grand Galloping Gala is actually going to be like."

Oh dear.

Rainbow Burst reached her destination. There it was: the door to Prince Blueblood's quarters. Although, it seems that somepony had decided to mess with the sign. The l-o-o-d had been scratched out and a-l-l-s written above it.

Oh that is genius.

I didn't know you knew that word, Rainbow Burst thought, but I think you don't know what it means.

Perhaps he does, after all, he may be arrogant, but he's shown no signs of being an idiot. A jerk, yes, but not an idiot last I checked.

"Is there any doubt?" he asked. "After all, I am certain that any pony will be swept off their hooves merely by being in my presence." He turned, moving toward a table and grabbing a glass.

With that attitude? A LOT of doubt.

"No more pranks."

Wait, you're serious?

"Well that sounds simple enough," stated Blueblood. "I am sure that I shall be more than sufficiently capable of wooing your little friend for one night. Plus, it would be nice if I no longer had to worry about my door being vandalized..." He narrowed his eyes. "Or eating a cupcake with chili peppers in it."
"Hey," Rainbow tried to reply as she held back snickers, "I wrote a letter warning you that's what they were. Not my fault you didn't read it before eating one."

She's got a point.

"Be that as it may," Blueblood said, "it would still be nice to have this immature foolishness come to an end. And with such an easy method. Why, I could be charming in my sleep."
You would certainly talk a lot less, Rainbow thought.

"Good." She moved forward and got eye to eye with Blueblood. "Because if you mess this up, the deal is off. In fact --" she pointed a hoof at his chest, "-- if you really mess this up and make her cry or furious, I will make it my mission to prank you for the rest of our lives. Got it?"

Scary thing is, she would do.

"Oh, very well." He turned back to get his drink. "After all, what do I have to worry about. Your little friend's night will be more than she could ever imagine. Why, I do in fact suspect that it shall be the greatest night of her entire life."

it better be, for your sake.

She gave one last glance at Blueblood's room as she shut the door behind her. She was not expecting things to go well, especially between him and Rarity. Hopefully this time, Rainbow Burst would be wrong.


"Of course I wanna know," Pinkie replied, shifting in her seat. "That's part of the fun with surprises, though. You think and wonder, coming up with all sorts of amazingly amazing and wonderful possibilities of what it could be. Then you find out and it's so so exciting. If you're right, then you get a surprise and the fun of having guessed. If you're wrong, you're doubly surprised because the surprise is something you never ever ever would have expected. That's why I love surprises."

I see.

"But if he told me, I would know," Pinkie replied. "Then the surprise wouldn't be a surprise anymore. What would that even be? I don't know what to call a surprise that's not a surprise. A not-surprise? An un-surprise? Boundless disappointment leading into a rapidly spiraling void of depression with a sense of betrayal? A consolation prize?"


"I'm sorry," Spike said, "but even if I wanted to, I can't. I've already told you everything I know: Rainbow got really excited at lunch and wanted to hurry back to the library to write a letter. I was supposed to write it, but for some reason she changed her mind and wrote it herself. She didn't let me see the reply either. She then told me she had to go to Canterlot to get a surprise ready for all of you, and I was to stay in Ponyville so she could send a message when everything was ready. Rainbow then left to get the next train to Canterlot. Next thing I know, the five of you show up at the library, and I get the letter from Rainbow telling me to bring you all to Canterlot and the castle."

Fait enough.

Spike's eyes went wide as he stared at the hoof touching his shoulder. She was touching him. She was touching him. This was a very exciting moment for the young dragon.
Okay, he thought, okay. Play it cool. Just tell her what you and Rainbow talked about at lunch, and you'll make her happy.
"Uuuuuuhhhhhh...." he said instead.

In the eternal words of TFS Trunks "Dammit!"

For some reason, his traitorous mouth had decided not to say the words he was telling it to. Instead it was making him look like an idiot. How could it do something like this to him? In front of the cutest and smartest pony he had ever met (Princess Celestia excepted)?

Would the Princess Celestia thing be fore cute or smart? Because beautiful and wise seem more fitting for Sunbutt.

"Twilight!" the stallion shouted. "Wait! Stop before-"
A massive metallic thump filled the air as Twilight collided face first with the guard's armor. This was followed by a softer thump as Twilight fell to the ground, letting out a groan of pain.


"Hey, Shining Armor," Spike said as he walked up toward the two. He glanced back and forth between the pair of pegasi. "You two know each other?"
"Shining Armor is my older brother," Twilight explained. Grinning, she wrapped a wing around the stallion, pulling him close.

As usual.

Spike gave a nod, as a small thrill of relief flowed through his body. For a moment, he had been worried that the two were romantically involved with each other or something. It would have been a little irritating to have the mare he has a crush on get back into a relationship because of him. Although, admittedly, he had no right to stop or interfere on the matter. It was also silly since in all the time he had known Shining Armor, the young stallion had never spoken about being involved with a mare.

Then comes Cadence.

"Oh, my," Rarity gasped as she studied Shining Armor. The gaze caused the stallion to blush, shifting where he stood with his wings flickering.

Shining Armor gets all the mares.

"Wow," Pinkie said as she moved up. "That sounds like a really nice thing, and lots of fun. Oh, I'm so excited to see what it's going to be like."

I can only imagine :trollestia:

"Why would anypony want to eat salted fish eggs?"

Just wait until they offer her some escargot :trollestia:

"Oh," Twilight said after Pinkie had pulled away. "Why would somepony write that on a door?"

Because it's funny.

"It seems that the mare has always wished to meet me," Blueblood explained, "and really, who can blame her? I mean look at me." He turned to a mirror and did just that. "Still, there is no way a pony who would willingly associate with that mare would have anything in common with one such as myself, especially some commoner from a little backwater town barely known to exist."

Wonder how long before it clicks? Also, barely known now, but it's the place where Nightmare Moon was beaten, well, technically it was Everfree, but, it's also gonna be the place where Discord will get sealed, then reformed, the place where Rainbow will ascend to Alicorn, the future place where there will be the Castle of Friendship, and the place where Tirek will get sent back to Tartarus.

"We're... still working on The Royal Canterlot Voice," Shining explained as he glanced back toward the trio of mares. "At least it wasn't as bad as one time." He turned to face the door. "Blew the door off its hinges and sent a curious noble rolling across the floor and out the window. Luckily another guard managed to catch him before he hit the ground."

I so wish I was there.

Princess Luna studied that pegasus farmer a moment. Her horn then lit up as she turned to the punch bowl. Picking up two of the cups, she filled them up before levitating them over to where the pair of them stood. One she set down in front of Applejack while she took a hold of the other in her bat-like wing. She then took a step back and erected a small shield.
"Salt-preserved fish eggs."
For Applejack's part, she did not immediately spit out the caviar after hearing that, even if just barely. Her eyes went wide as her jaw clamped shut. Several seconds passed before she forced herself to swallow, letting out a hacking cough. Grabbing the cup of punch, she shot the entire thing down in a single gulp.

You are magnificent, Luna.

"Aww," Rainbow Burst groaned as she approached the others. "You mean I missed somepony eating the caviar for the first time?"
"You knew what they were?" Applejack asked, turning to face the rainbow-maned unicorn.
"Yeah," Rainbow replied with a grin. "You should have seen me when I found out after trying it. Actually... you should have seen Princess Celestia. She was pretty good about laughing it off though. Even made a joke of it."


"Welcome back," Rainbow Burst said as she moved to stand beside Rarity. "So, how did meeting Prince Blueblood go?"

Take a wild f*cking guess.

Rainbow Burst watched Rarity's reaction, then turned and looked back at the cakes. Maybe she should go to The Grand Galloping Gala this year after all. It would be a lot of fun to watch the guests' reactions when they eat the hot and spicy little cakes.

Oh yes it will.

The others all turned to look. Out on the dance floor was Twilight Comet. To call what she was doing "dancing" was to use the term very liberally. From the sidelines, it looked more like the random flailing of limbs. Her head low and eyes closed, tongue sticking out the corner of her mouth. She would lift a front and back leg up, wave it in the air, then set it back down before repeating the process with the opposite limbs.

This sounds hilariously bad.

"Shining Armor," Princess Luna asked, "is this popular in modern dancing methods?"
"No, majesty," Shining Armor answered. "That's... that's just how my little sister dances."

Ie, poorly.

There was silence as the statement sank in. Flowershy's eyes went wide before her entire body drooped. She had completely forgotten about her animal friends back in Ponyville. Sure, they would be fine for a few days without her, but they would miss her sooner or later. As excited as she was to see all the animals here, she would eventually miss her friends and cottage as well. Especially her sweet and gentle little Angel Bunny. He would be simply helpless if she was not around.

Helpless, Angel, sure, let's, go with that.

"Yeah," Rainbow Burst admitted. "It was. But that was because I thought the whole thing would be boring and whoever went with me would be disappointed that it wasn't how they imagined. Now that everypony knows what it would be like and we can all go together, it will be a lot better. Plus we could have so much fun." She grinned widely, practically bouncing as she walked.

Rainbow, Pinkie is the pronker, not you. But, yeah, I sense shenanigans.

"Could you imagine the reactions we would get if Pinkie Pie actually exploded from boredom during the actual Gala? The looks on all those noble ponies faces when they're suddenly covered in streamers." She started to chuckle at the mental image.

I would pay to see that, no joke. Also you double spaced between in and streamers.

"Rainbow Burst," the voice of Prince Blueblood called out, causing Rainbow to stop. "I want to have a word with you."

Oh god. What now?

"Really?" Rainbow Burst asked, trying to sound as innocent as possible. "Are you sure that's what happened?" One of her hooves quickly reached out to cover Spike's mouth before he could say anything.

Smart mare.

Blueblood glanced toward Rarity for a split-second before turning back to Rainbow, then stopped and looked at Rarity again. His ears drooped as his eyes went wide, recognizing the mare standing in front of him. Although it should have been impossible, he somehow managed to turn paler than he already was. His jaw opened and closed several times on its own.

And it clicks. Oh this will be good.

At least not in front of Rainbow Burst and her friends. As soon, as he was out of view, Prince Blueblood picked up his pace and ran as quickly as he could with dignity.

Wise move.

Alright, so it seems that he had made a dire mistake and had inadvertently told his plan to the very mare that he was attempting to deceive with the matter. In his defense, she had been deceptive as well. At no point did she had identified herself as Rainbow's associate. Plus, there had been no mention that she was an earth pony. He had been expecting a unicorn.

You thougth she was a maid before she could say anything. And don't tell me you're racist against Earth Ponies, please.

Certainly it would only be a year or less. There was absolutely no way that she would make good on her threat and continue to prank him the rest of his life.

You're, not very Genre Savvy, are you?

Actually, I bet she's laughing. She would have found the way Blueblood reacted hilarious.

Most likely.

Congratulations on using flora and fauna correctly! Few there be that can do so!

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