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This story is a sequel to Rainbow Unicorn: Griffon Grief

A traveling unicorn by the name of Lightning Blast arrives in Ponyville to perform her show. However, she is a loud, flashy, braggart who takes too many risks. This does not go over with the citizens of Ponyville.

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Spike will really enjoy watching Twilight cleaning the library xD

Ooh, more Rainbow Unicorn! This is gonna be fun!

LOL! Not much I can say except great opening to this latest story. The characterizations were quite well done and a bit of hard science that Rainbow actually finds cool. :-D Serves you right for underestimating Rainbow, Twi. :-D

Oh, and be careful about the "clouds made out of cotton candy" stuff. I have a feeling one of the Princesses' old enemies will be proving you wrong on THAT in a few months.

And, yeah, going to be great to see what kind of magic stunts Lightning Blast is going to come up with that Rainbow would consider too dangerous.

At any rate, I will definitely be looking forward to more of this, but will be quite willing to be patient.

LOL that was awesome! I had a feeling that Rainbow Burst was gonna pull something like that - still, that read like a Mythbusters episode in parts. "Rainbow wants big boom" ...

"Hydrogen, in it's natural state, is highly combustible provided it has oxygen to burn," Twilight stated. "So all you would need to do, is figure out how to separate the two gases, then ignite the hydrogen gas, which would explode, mainly leaving behind water vapor as a result."

Meaning she can blow up a cloud. Huh. Well played. Well played.

is twilight and rainbow in a ship in these storys???

Very awesome so far~
Excited for the next chapter:twilightsmile:

allowing a pony to literally walk on sunshine.

I'm walkin' on sunshine, who-oh-oh-oh~

"None?" Spike guessed, giving a shrug. "I doubt a lot of them have tried. It's doesn't really do anything useful."

But it's fucking awesome!

"It's not about practicality," she declared. "It's about awesomality."

She gets it.

Some ponies just had no sense of humor.


There was another series of lightning flashes, followed by an explosion to create a massive dust cloud that hid the wagon from view. As the dust cleared, the wagon had opened up, turning into a stage. Standing in the center was a unicorn mare with light green fur and a dual-toned orange mane and tail. She had a wide grin on her face as she stood with her side toward the audience, one hoof raised up to her chest.

Lightning Dust.

"Behold! The most amazing stunt unicorn: LIGHTNING BLAST!"

That works too.

"She would'a been fine!" she declared. "Maybe a little singed, but that would'a been the worst of it."

Yeah, because hurting your audience is SUCH a great idea.

Okay, if Lightning Dust is taking Trixie's place, does that mean Trixie won't show up until 'Wonderbolt Academy' (or this 'verse's version of it)?:rainbowhuh:

7978105 I doubt I'll make it that far, but if I do introduce her, I do want to keep her as a rival to Twilight.


Yeah, because hurting your audience is SUCH a great idea.

Remember, this is technically Lightning Dust.

Hey there. Thanks very much for getting this next chapter up. I really appreciate you going to the effort. Once again, very good job on the exchanges, action, emotional content and future chapter set-up in all the right places. I particularly liked what I guess to be the first meeting between Rainbow and Scoots in this universe and the contrast between Rainbow Burst and Lightning Blast. Now, I'm morbidly curious as to what magical stunts Lightning is going to try next.

As for a Pegasus Trixie, yeah, I could definitely see her as a rival for Twilight in the upcoming Sonic Rainboom analogue story (though I know that story will be quite a way off). Perhaps one of Twilight's friends could sign her up for the Best Young Fliers' competition as a well-meaning surprise, but Twilight ends up getting nervous:

Applejack: Come on, Twi. You're the best flier in Ponyville. Heck, you graduated from flight school two full years ahead of the rest of our class.

Twilight: Well, yes, but I'm not much for stunt flying. I've always focused more on the practical aspects. Showing off, in front of hundreds, maybe even thousands of ponies? That's just not my style.

Rainbow: Nonsense. I've seen some of the way cool stuff you're capable of when you really try.

Twilight: That was when lives were at stake. There's a huge difference between doing something daring to save lives and doing something daring for your own pride.

Pinkie: Well, what about doing something to avoid disappointing your friends? I'm sure you can come up with something good in time for the competition and each and every one of us will be offering you moral support.

Whoops. Sorry about that. Kind of got caught up.

Anyway, I'll definitely be looking forward to more of this, but will be quite willing to be patient.

Depends on how much Rainbow likes seeing Twilight in a maid outfit, I'm betting.

A smirk appeared on Lightning Blast's face.
"That's what I thought."

Would you like to know what he CAN do though? Belly flop into lava and spit some out and be 100% unharmed. Can YOU do that?

Not much I can say other than, excellent job on this latest chapter. The exchanges, emotional content, action and future chapter set-up are well done in all the right places. I particularly liked Spike calling Lightning out on her horseapples and Pinkie's reaction to what Lightning did to Spike. And Lightning is darn lucky Pinkie DIDN'T take her challenge. Considering, as a unicorn, her typical knack for making the impossible look easy is turned Up To Thirteen, I bet Pinkie could easily handle outdo Lightning if she really wanted to.

And, yeah, I'm surprised Spike didn't flat-out mention that Rainbow and her friends beat Nightmare Moon (which most of Ponyville and Celestia herself KNOW actually happened).

I'll definitely be looking forward to more of this, but am quite willing to be patient because I know real life concerns have to come first.

No... Spike... no. Yes, she's a tool-and-a-half, and Rainbow would be first in line to pound her face in if she'd seen you getting picked on like that, but you don't set up a duel for someone who isn't even there. :facehoof:

Snails has one heck of an active imagination.

And here we go. Honestly, Spike, when are you going stop giving those two idiots dumb ideas? Still, excellent job on this latest chapter. I particularly liked the dream sequence AND the snack side-track. Unfortunately, I have a bad feeling concerning what's coming next. Rainbow might be able to take an Ursa Minor in a fight , but her method would probably end up angering the kid's mother, meaning they actually WOULD end up encountering an ACTUAL Ursa MAJOR unless one of the others comes up with a clever, non-violent solution that saves the city WITHOUT hurting the Minor .

At any rate, I'll definitely be looking forward to more of this, but am quite willing to be patient.

Oh, you two... I am still left wondering how long it will be until those two are officially declared a threat to the town and placed under surveillance.
Anyway, nice chapter. I am eagerly awaiting more.

He's like a cross between Calvin and Pinky (the mouse, not the pony) and I approve.

Once again, splendid job on the latest chapter. I love the point that, despite her raw power, Rainbow doesn't know about dueling yet. And, I have a feeling Twilight is going to be a HUGE help in organizing the library once this latest mess is over (as part of her pay-off on the wager in the first chapter). And, for some reason, I can see the following scene a bit later on:

Twilight: Wait, you're still going to the convention, even though you won the bet?

Rainbow: Well, yeah. I have no problem with comic books - great artwork, even better action and very easy to follow storylines. It's just that I had a problem with going in a costume.

Spike: Yeah. Rainbow is a fan, but only a casual one.

Rainbow: But don't think you're off the hook concerning the wager. This is just a VERY temporary reprieve.

Twilight: Fair enough.

(and, as they are getting back)

Rainbow: I can't believe Shining brought Luna to the convention.

Spike: To be fair, it DOES seem like a good way to ease her into modern pony civilization. I mean, showing her around in an area that has a pretty high tolerance for the unusual. Did you see the way Shining was around Luna, though?

Twilight: Look, he's a guard, she's a princess. He was just doing his job.

Rainbow: You keep telling yourself that, egghead. Anyway, we've got your outfit and duster all ready for you.

Sorry. Couldn't resist.

Anyway, for your next "Friendship Is Shining" story, maybe you could do a variant on "the Mysterious Mare-Do-Well where, instead of the gang trying to give Rainbow a humility lesson, Sunset Shimmer uses the Mare-Do-Well identity and a series of cleverly rigged "near-disasters" to try to "out-hero" Shining and his friends while ALSO distracting them from noticing a series of thefts crucial to her master plan (which only YOU know about; besides, it seems to me that this version of Sunset would make an excellent "once a season antagonist" [kind of like a more competent female version of Sideshow Bob from the semi-early seasons of the Simpsons] until her master plan IS revealed).

Of course, if you DON'T like the idea, I profusely apologize for wasting your time.

At any rate, I'll definitely be looking forward to more of this, but will also be perfectly understanding if real life gets in the way of your writing plans.

8032255 Hm... Princess Luna at a convention...

"... The buck was that?"

Good question.

It was like Snails' was only half-aware of the world around him or something.

Sounds about right.

"And the best way to do that is to have her face and fight a monster where everypony can see it."

That is stupid.

"I don't know," Snips answered. "We'll figure it out after we find something."

And YOU are stupid.

With screams, the two fled from the cave and ran as quickly back to Ponyville as they could manage.

And that's what you get.

Again, excellent job on this latest chapter. The Point of View from Snails was quite well done, but boy did these two end up walking right into it (both literally AND figuratively). Hopefully, Rainbow and her friends will find a way to non-violently deal with the creature these two are bringing into town. Otherwise, the town might end up having hassles from an even bigger, even angrier creature.

I'll definitely be looking forward to the next chapter, but I WILL understand if real world concerns mean that it takes a while.

Snips and Snails are two halves of a whole idiot.

8050156 *snickers* Truer words were never spoken.

That was the best description for it. The creature did have the basic shape of a bear to it. The "bear" was massive, about the size of a two-story house and then some. It looked like Princess Luna had taken a piece of the night sky, shaped it into a giant bear, and set it down. Its body glowed with a night blue light, with shining yellow eyes, and a white star on its head. The creature let out a roar, showing teeth as long as swords. It continued after the two colts, smashing through anything that got in its way.

Goddammit Snips and Snails.

We found it in The Everfree Forest," Snails answered as he got back up. "Brought it back to Ponyville so you could beat it."

If the one that had followed them was the size of a two-story house, the one now in front of them was the size of a skyscraper. Its body was purple as opposed to the blue of the smaller one, but there was a star on the larger creature's head that matched. Even more stars covered its form, twinkling and glittering like the night sky. Beneath burning orange-yellow eyes were fangs as long as a pony that looked as sharp as a guard's spear.

Oh. That's, that's just worse.

The bear creature let out a snort, sending a blast of cold, snotty air across the group. Turning away from them, it moved to the smaller one. The larger one then reached down, taking a hold of the small one by the scruff. After giving the group of ponies one last glare, it lumbered off into the forest, carrying the small one with it.

That was way too close.

"We were just doing what Spike told us," Snails answered.

You dense motherfucker really is the only response to every word that comes out of your and your friend's mouth. SPONGEBOB AND PATRICK AT THEIR WORST are not this stupid.

"Why? What would possibly make you think that was even remotely a good idea?!"

I'd very much like to know myself.

I can't imagine how much trouble Snips and Snails are going to be in ... especially if somepony got hurt - or worse - in the Ursa's rampage. And even if everyone's ok physically, those two dingleberries still caused at least several tens of thousands of bits worth of damage. I imagine the Mayor is going to throw the book at them.

Great chapter, can't wait to see what happens to those two idiots. That being said, I found a minor thing where you may want to change a word.

The thud of massive hooves and a deafening roar let the group know that the plan was working.

I think that "paws" would be more fitting to describe what the Ursa Major would have.

Hey there. Once again, marvelous job on this chapter. I loved how the Ursa was lured back to its parent without any violence and I also really loved the lecture Snips and Snails got (especially since it's pretty clear that these two are going to get even worse punishment later on). At any rate, I will very certainly be looking forward to more, but will also understand that real world concerns have to come first.

I have to say, this was a well done duel. Amusing in the right areas and also exciting in the right areas. Both Rainbow AND Lightning pulled some clever stunts. I just hope Rainbow and Lightning didn't hurt themselves too badly with that last stunt. At any rate, I'll definitely be looking forward to the next chapter, but will be quite willing to be patient.

Excellent wrap-up to this particularly story. Great mixture of heart-warming, funny AND possible future story set-up. And, yeah, comparing Spike to a dog after a rabbit made sense in context AND makes for a good nod to Spike's canine counterpart over in a certain other universe. At any rate, I'll very definitely be looking forward to more from this universe (as well as your "Friendship Is Shiny" universe and, heck, more of your work in general), but will also be willing to respect the fact that real world concerns have to come first.

"The shield." Tilting her head, Nurse Redheart raised an eyebrow of her own. "Just before the explosion, you threw up a shield to protect the crowd."

Oh good.

"Well you did," Spike said as he moved to get more comfortable. "Just after the bubble of Lightning Blast's magic popped, your magic did kind of explode outward. At the same time, a wall of your energy popped up in front of us. It was hard to see what happened after that, but when it vanished, you and Lightning were on the ground..."

Well, you're all safe, that's the important part.

"Save it!" Lightning snapped. "I don't want to hear whatever you have to say after nearly killing us."

She's not to blame here, those 2 idiots, Snips and Snails brought the Ursai into town. You're lucky to be alive.

"Whatever," Lightning snorted, rolling her eye. "Not like I expected somepony like you to own up to your mistakes anyways."

View must be great from that glass house of yours.


What about Twilight's other counterparts - Sunset Shimmer, Starlight Glimmer, Moondancer? Are they pegasi too?

8139878 I hadn't thought about them. Quite honestly, I make up most of this as I go along with the occasional suggestion (if I remember it). As I said though, I doubt I'll even make it to Wonderbolts Academy, and those three are well past that point.

Thinking about it now: I still don't know what I would do about Glimmer. Sunset I would probably keep as a unicorn so she can stay as Celestia former student, providing a rivalry for the more powerful but less disciplined Rainbow. And as for Moondancer, I would turn her into a pegasus as the idea with her character is to provide a mirror to Twilight and show what could possibly have been had she not made any friends.


It took me a while to think of something to add, but yeah, I could see that.

Heck, maybe there could be a partial reversal of "Amending Fences" where Twilight and Applejack invited Pegasus Moondancer to parties in the past, but Moondancer ALWAYS declined. Twilight even admits that "The worst part is, if it weren't for AJ, I could have VERY easily ended up like Moondancer."

As for Starlight, maybe she could be a zebra in this universe (i.e. using potions of various kinds to compete with powerful unicorns and rookie alicorns [when you get that far] on equal hoofing). She could even have a similar backstory to her canon counterpart, with the addition that, due to being constantly victimized by bullies in her youth due to racism (Sunburst [who happens to be Sunset Shimmer's smarter, but less powerful twin brother in this universe] was LITERALLY the ONLY one who showed her ANY respect and treated her with real kindness, but they lost track of each other after Sunburst got his Cutie Mark and got shipped off to Celestia's school), she developed EVEN MORE of a reason to be obsessed with equality.

Of course, if you don't like the idea, I WILL completely understand.

Especially since was both

since she was

Hm Yes... the whole idea may work... but still you must put into the cloud more energy than what you get out... so it has some relatively narrow application. Or if the energy is less you just got yourself a perpetual motion machine... and that would REALLY be broken...

of loss interest


Ehr... Personally I find the whole "dream sequence" of Snails quite jarring and not really useful, it's totally random there

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