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Hi! I'm an MtF transexual who writes a lot of fics! I hope you all really enjoy my work (though i have a tendency to not update certain stories for long stretches of time... Anyway! I like adventres!

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RiMverse: Regarding plans and canon · 2:33pm October 10th

So! as the show has progressed and I have procrastinated, there's a lot of stuff that frankly is outright contradicted by canon. Thankfully, the RiMverse is an AU so canon is not a huge issue, however it does mean I will have to make some formal announcements just in case.

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I’m not sure. My RiMverse was made before those ponies were officially revealed, and thus I only had small snippets of ideas for Rainbow’s dad. as for other stories not set in the RiMverse...hell if I know.

Are you going to put Rainbow's, Fluttershy's, or Rarity's parents in any stories?

2414499 no worries! any other questions or queries just asks

2414204 i haven't thought too much about it, but I'm currently thinking It's Bulk Biceps or someone else

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