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Just sharing some ideas · 9:01pm Mar 29th, 2016

Hello there. Now, I have a few ideas for stories that I will share even though I don't have the time and energy to write them myself. Maybe somebody who DOES have the time and energy to write them might like these ideas enough to adopt them.

First few ideas are "Displaced Adoption Multiverse" ideas (inspired by the works of Tatsurou [sp?], but NOT a part of that author's VERY similarly themed series):

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You're welcome.

Thanks. You too. :-D

Happy Thanksgiving.

Perhaps a unicorn stallion named Loon A. Tick. He graduated with honors from a school for the gifted (I'm not going to say Celestia's School For Gifted Unicorns because I don't know whether or not Celestia is playing Superman in your DC style MLP universes) with PhDs in psychology, social work and medicine. His unicorn magic includes limited mind reading (which helped him a lot in his former work as a psychiatrist since it allowed him to get a good feeling what types of therapy would help the most with certain patients). Unfortunately, he eventually met the Mane-Iac ,whose mind was too chaotic for him to be able to read. This made him even more determined to learn as much as he could about this infamous villainous. Needless to say, this determination evolves into obsession and, in spite of himself, he ends up falling in love with the Mane-Iac and occasionally aiding in her escapes until he got caught and fired. Being fired just allowed him to help the Mane-Iac more openly, however.

I can trying to design a character that will be, like, a male Harley Quinn to the Mane-iac's Joker, any ideas?

  • Viewing 151 - 155 of 155
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