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Just sharing something really bad. · 8:06am Sep 25th, 2019

It has recently (as in today) come to my attention that somebody here with the screen name of Holly is considering suicide. It definitely saddens me when things get so bad for somebody that they decide to end it all. Here is a copy and past of the suicide blog from Holly.

This will be my final blog post, if you couldn’t guess by the title.

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That's the one. Thanks! Trying to remember who wrote it was driving me nuts.


Hopeful Ink Hoof wrote a series like that for a while called "Friendship Is Shining", inspired by the Twily bits defender's "Crisis of Infinite Twilights" series. Sunset was only in one story in that series, but it was strongly hinted that she would have eventually appeared in more if Hopeful Ink Hoof didn't stop.

Hi there, quick question -- do you remember seeing a series of stories where Shining Armor was in Twilight's role as the main character and Sunset Shimmer was a major enemy/antagonist of the Elements?

Happy Holidays to you too. :-D

Merry Christmas!

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