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Just sharing something really bad. · 8:06am Sep 25th, 2019

It has recently (as in today) come to my attention that somebody here with the screen name of Holly is considering suicide. It definitely saddens me when things get so bad for somebody that they decide to end it all. Here is a copy and past of the suicide blog from Holly.

This will be my final blog post, if you couldn’t guess by the title.

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You're welcome and thanks.

Thanks very much. Same to you and your family and friends.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Oh, bummer. :fluttershyouch: You couldn't talk to a mod about that? If you know the email address you used for the account they could probably let you back in.

Anyway, I was asking because somebody put one of my REALLY old deviations in their Favorites list yesterday, and when I clicked through to it to take a look, I saw that you were one of the two people that actually commented on it when it was first posted, and that was before I was even on Fimfic! Almost a DECADE ago! :pinkiegasp:

Yes it is. Unfortunately, I have been stuck on "read only" mode concerning DeviantART for well over a year because a virus messed up my computer. Even though the virus got cleared, I got locked out on DeviantART and haven't been able to get back on because I can't remember my password. And I forgot my Email passwords so I can't get in to change my passwords.

  • Viewing 236 - 240 of 240
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