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In a world of bad movies, bad comic books, and bad directors, which internet reviewer will rise to the challenge and tear them to shreds? Who will save the world from abominable animation, erroneous effects, nonsensical narratives, poorly planned passion projects, and sucky screenwriting?
This one,

Bobsheaux! With his trusty box, fellow Youtuber/girlfriend Raven Fox, and army of undead minions (well, okay, ONE undead minion,) he will protect you from that which fancies itself "entertainment!"

Group Rules:
1. Don't be jerks to each other. We are here to have a good time.

2. No trolling and spamming.

3. No personal attacks on other people, let's try to be respectful and not devolved into a YouTube comment section.

4. If you have criticisms, please be constructive about them.

5. You can put up reviews and rewrites for movies, comics and episodes of shows here. This group is dedicated to YouTube reviewer so why not.

6. Have fun.

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You're welcome!

Thanks for the invite.

You're welcome.

Thank you very much for the invitation.

Welcome to the group.

I love watching bad movies get ripped to shreds.

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You're welcome. And thanks for joining.

You're welcome and thanks for joining.

Thanks for the invite.

Thanks very much for the invite. Yeah, there definitely are a fair number of movies and shows that could have done with MUCH better writing.

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