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This group is for all those who have an interest in animals, we can talk about maybe how certain species interact with ponies, or make stories about an interaction with an animal. This can be both living and extinct animals. Or we can make profiles on animals, but if you do, just be sure to use a reliable source.

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Our goal here on BioBronies is to educate the public about both living and extinct animals, whether it would be through sharing facts or writing stories about interactions a character from the show has with a certain species. But most importantly, we must make the public aware of the crisis's that many animals are going through, like poaching, habitat loss, etc. For folders however, not sure how to do that quite yet, but I'll figure it out. I already made 3 threads, one on the rules, one on the Dhole, and another one one the tiger.

Thanks. But I don't see any folders. What does this group do?

Welcome to the BioBronies group, I see you like dinosaurs, great to have a person like you here.

Oh, I know that Dholes are known for killing tigers and leopards:twilightoops:! The same thing with Baboons in Africa as well...:rainbowderp:! Even Painted Dogs of Africa have been known to gang up on leopards:twilightoops:!

The one and only, I went ahead and made a thing on if they attack and kill tigers or not, you can check it out on the dhole thread.

You mean the Wild Dog of India:ajsmug:? Oh I certainly know that one:raritywink:!

That was perfect! I just want to say that people can write stories about both prehistoric AND modern day animals. In fact the first animal thread is on the Dhole.

Sure will:scootangel:! In fact, I'll make a blog post:raritywink:!

Thank you for joining BioBronies. Feel free to spread the word about BioBronies.

Now THIS is my kind of group:rainbowdetermined2:!!!

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