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I am life

I am death

I give everything

But I take all

I have no mercy for the weak

No room for the weary

No pity for cowards

My territory is full of survivors

Lone fighters

And factions

But all of the living kill for the same thing... further their bloodline

I am a King

A Queen

An Assassin

An Army

I am...the Savage Kingdom!!!

This group is dedicated to anyone who are interested in wild, dangerous and bloodthirsty beasts of any kind, be it prehistoric, modern, supernatural, or ones completely thought up form your imagination. It can by any kind of creature that you can think of from the top of your head, or any creature that you know or at least heard of before. From the bloodthirsty Vampire of the Night, to Australia Devil the Bunyip, to the four headed Hydra of the seas, to the three headed Chimera, the wooden green eyed Timberwolf, and the dragon winged Manticore of the Everfree. Animals completely made up are also welcome, form tigers having the wings and torso, and horns of dragons, to giant dog-like creatures with muscular human like bodies and giant bat wings with mouths full of acidic poison, to dragon bat hybrids that confine in the darkness of caves, and wolves with different wings and with the intelligence of humans, or equestrian ponies. Modern and Prehistoric animals are welcome into the group to, from the Raging Reptiles in the Era of the Dinosaurs, to the Furry Nightmares of the Ice Age, to, to the Modern Creatures coexisting with us today; ones that will hopefully still stay for many years to come. Animals, both predator and prey, that have magical abilities allowing them to really fight against one another, are also welcome, even that of the animals that are known in the world today. They can even be the animals that are known in the all famous Nat Geo Wild Documentary narrated by the all famous Charles Dance, The Savage Kingdom, just as long as they play a part in MLP and in Equestria. All of this and so much more can be found in this amazing group where predator and prey both fight for survival in the Savage Kingdoms either in or beyond that of Equestria! If that's your cup of tea for all you lovers or creatures and nature, then you've come to the right place for that! Show everypony here why the animals that you love, modern, prehistoric, super natural, or completely make believe rule and why they should be known:rainbowdetermined2:!!!

Here are the Rules:

1. Any story that has a creature that is either supernatural, make believe modern or prehistoric must go in the appropriate folder that has the titles involving said creature in the story. If it has more than one specific creature in the story, than it can go in more than one folder, otherwise, keep it in the folder with the name of that one creature or animal.

2. No spamming, flaming, trolling or belittling of any kind, of you will face the consequences:ajbemused:.

3. Constructive criticism is allowed, just as long as you are doing it to help the writers become better writers like they wish to be, and being kind, polite, and respectful about it.

4. Clopfics and Romance stories are allowed, just as long as you're focusing on the plot of the story you're putting in here.

5. No posting of any NSFW images that my be jeopardizing to this website or this group.

6. Have fun, and show them why the creatures you want to write about rock:yay:!!!

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Whoops, sorry about that:twilightsheepish:. A little accidental mistake on my part; there was a little moment where I thought I was making some other group:twilightsheepish:. I got that fixed now:twilightsmile:.

Thanks for inviting me, but why's the group NSFW?

How come this group is “nsfw”?

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