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Just Curious Here · 7:12pm Last Tuesday

So just out of curiosity, why do y'all like my story so much? Don't get me wrong, I'm pretty happy you all liked it, I just didn't expect it to be on the Feature Box for a couple days and on the Popularity Poll for a while.

So what got you interested in it? Is it the premise, the setting, the writing (though admittedly I had help on that), the storytelling or just the fact that it's a Spike Harem story? I like to hear your thoughts.

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To the author - hello👋 i saw the cover art by manga luna while being featured on the main page yesterday & instantly clicked it.
(here's her DA - https://www.deviantart.com/magnaluna/art/Eye-contact-812352033. please change the source link!)

since there's only one chapter published so i'm gonna wait. hope ya don't mind that?

Message written out on 2/2/21

Thanks for adding Changeling domination to your favorites as well!

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