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Hello, hello, hello! This is GPizano, your hostess with the mostess bringing you the group dedicated to the little universe I made, Guitars, Sugar, OCs, and Magik! A unique universe that takes place in the aftermath of the Equestria Girls Anon-A-Miss arc and follows the adventures of Sunset Shimmer, the Mane 5, my own OCs and possibly others, mainly set in Los Pegasus, modeled after my very own home state that I hold near and dear to my heart, California, WEST COAST LOS ANGELES BABY!

I figure that since I've let the praise from my fans get to my head, why not? And in addition to my own stories, those in the group can feel free to submit their own!

I know this can be hard since my work does feature OCs as main characters, after all, you can worry you won't represent the character correctly or you just don't like OCs, and to that I say, no worries! Whether you come to me with questions about how my OCs would act or you just go ahead with your own ideas, I say go for it!

And while I do want to be that totally cool chick, I will say this.

Please, do NOT be malicious. These are characters I have created and if you've ever created an OC for any reason then you know you put a piece of yourself into them. I don't want to see fics that totally bash them just because they're OCs or anything like that.

Rule DOS, try to keep thing... tasteful. I don't do NSFW stories myself and as I am writing these words right here I'm not sure what qualifies for NSFW aside from straight up clop. Bathroom play? Baby play? Yeahhh that's pretty weird for me and I'm not comfortable with weird fetishes like that. I'm not saying the characters are celibate or can't be into kinks but please people, keep it tasteful.

Of course regular rules of FiMfiction apply, follow the regular rules, play nice, and haaaaave fun!

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This is great. Why don't more people with ongoing continuities have/make groups to organize and support their stories? This is awesome.

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