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A group created for anyone who wants to add to the Strange Timelines universe. Basic Fimfiction site rules apply.
Basic rules for Strange Timeline stories:
1) There must be two individuals from different timelines and not native to the timeline they are meeting in.
2) The time between when the second individual arrives and when the time portals reopen can be anywhere from between a few minutes to a few hours, but no more than 6 hours.
4) It has to end on a hopeful, funny, or good note.
5) No plagiarizing, you can write a story with the same characters and it can be similar to someone else's story, but I will kick you out if you just copy and paste parts or all of someone else's story.
6) All chapters must be able to be a one shot story on their own.
7) Give credit to those who deserve it like Pen Stroke for Nyx from Past Sins.
And finally the most important rule of all:
8) Have fun!!!

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