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During Twilight Sparkle and Starlight Glimmer's battle across time Princess Twilight ends up in a timeline with two other timeline jumping Princesses.

Now being extended from a one shot due to how much fun it was to write.

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Nyx from Past Sins belongs to Pen Stroke.

First Published
21st Apr 2017
Last Modified
29th Apr 2017

:rainbowderp: So many potential stories...

That was interesting.

Well ...  that was a thing that happened.

I think this may be a bit too much random at once to make a really good story. That's a rather subjective criticism though, since I know at least some people enjoy that kind of thing. I still think you should've focused on the three Princesses and their companions and not tried to cram in even more timelines. Beyond that I can't see any flaws in this story, so have an upvote.

#@$^%@#$^@$#^ phone ate my comment the first read-through.

don't you need some kind of magical artifact as a power booster
Been reading Loops?

I'm surprised they're not comparing the unicorns they're battling against…but that'd create a new conflict.

Corrections offered without malice.

." Starlight said.
This should never happen; that should be a comma. Numerous of these.

        Twilight Sparkle fell out of the time portal with spike hanging on

rarely used it anyways so why let it go to waste."
rarely used it anyways, so why let it go to waste?"

the elements of harmony.
Elements of Harmony

"Both, their twins." Sunset said.
"Both, they're twins," Sunset said.

three other alicorn

eight legged ponies
eight-legged ponies (twice)

the portal reopened above
Don't they have to activate the spell themselves to go from present[s] to past?

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Hooray! Glad it's continuing

You sir are a genius. Have a mustache:moustache:

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Its there an actual story for that nyx situation? Cause if not I will be a sad panda.

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