A group where we can compile information of SuShi’s Bizarre Adventure, should the information or images be needed. (I will be shifting Stand pictures from Cinders of War here to avoid my user page getting too long.)

This will also be the place to find any story related to SuShi’s Bizarre Adventure, be it from me or from someone else. Feel free to browse the pictures of Stands and stories from the Sushi universe! Should there be any questions regarding characters or Stands, please feel free to ask away!

Some basic rules:
Please mind your language. No one should have to go through verbal torment or abuse.
Of course, no NSFW images here, pertaining to site rules.

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Thanks let me know I can help a little but still i can still help for new ideas of stories

Hello. It's been a while. Thank you for wanting to help, but for now, I think I'm set on story ideas. But as always, I wouldn't mind hearing what you came up with! :eeyup:

Hi it me your big fan and I love give you your new stories you guys might like it be little based on jojo bizarre adventures golden wind so send back want hear my idea just want to help you for new bright future

Anyone willing to give us a visual image on what certain Stand masters look like? Or perhaps even images on the nefarious Nugget People? I would like to see them come to life, but I would also not want to burden Cinders of War with more drawings than I already ask from him.
It doesn't need to be a good drawing, by no means, but as long as we get an idea of what someone looks like, it'll do just fine!

Awesome, since i buy JoJo bizzare adventures Season 1 Episode 1-12 i totaly öove the Franchise :rainbowkiss:

Thanks so much for the invite :pinkiesmile:

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