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I now aspire to write something fantastical. Or should I say... bizarre.

The SuShi's Bizarre Adventure Group!

Yes, there's now a group for SuShi's Bizarre Adventure! And it's where I'll be compiling all the Stand images (Art by Cinders of War), moving them away from my page. There'll be further description of each Stand there and the collection of stories, spin-offs and main ones.
Check it out here!

Blog Posts

  • 3 weeks
    Spin-Offs and Stuff

    Hey hey hey (In the voice of Yogi Bear), I've just read something that I wanna share with the rest of you and that's the spin-off to our main canon, written by BarelyCoherent, dubbed, Pinkie's Bizarre Adventure: Yellow Dead Cell. I was intrigued by the idea when he had come forward with it and after reading it, I must say, I'm quite pleased with the way he's writing. If you haven't already read it, do

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  • 4 weeks
    Back in Business

    Here we are again, we're back in business! As Sushi part 3 rolls out, do give it a read! If you haven't read the first two parts, I do hope you give them a chance as well. One thing I intend to do this round is to pace myself to Cinders of War. It's become evident that I type a little quickly at times and sometimes I shoot way past his drawing speed and I may have caused him to put in extra time to get the Stand images out faster. This time, I hope to lighten this load and I'll stay myself if

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  • 9 weeks
    A Sushi Group!

    Yes, there's some renovations going on on my user page and I would like to say that I'll be moving all the Stand images out. They'll now be in a group which you can find right here at this very spot, which will bring you to our very own SuShi's Bizarre Adventure group! This is where we can compile our Sushi stories and Stand images done by Cinders of War, and perhaps more one day. If you've enjoyed my

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  • 10 weeks
    The End of a Second Adventure

    Well, here we stand today, at the end of Sushi's Bizarre Adventure: Nugget Run Horizon. I hadn't had the power I had when I typed the first story in just three months, but here we are. It has been a great pleasure to have the handful of you constantly giving me your thoughts and even sometimes, suggestions and I want to say that I am very grateful to have these in my writing process. I am still rather new to the writing circle and I will use whatever I get to continue to improve to make my

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  • 16 weeks
    Gone Times

    So again, it's been some time since I've updated Sushi part 2. I had forgotten to mention that I was doing a little bit of a-traveling and I have not been around to even type a little, and therefore, I have not updated in a while. Again, I apologize for this and I will be getting right back into it! Thanks all for continuing to read what I have and I highly appreciate all the comments you have been leaving for me. I will continue to do my best in improving my storytelling and thank you for

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I should've held it off for one more day :trollestia:, but then again, the game did come out today, so I guess there's that. :yay:

Probably perfect timing on part 3 of your jojo series coming out today :pinkiesmile:

Because episodes 13-24 of stone ocean comes out tomorrow

Thank you for the follow. :moustache:

Thanks for the follow I appreciate it.

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