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German , Trying to write something worth wile. Everyone start small after all =3

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Funny enough i rather access Fimfiction via mobil phone than Pc.

Indeed i just re-read/ autoread/ text to speech the first story and the sequel. Great story :twilightsmile:

I got a notification of a message of thinks gor following and likeing "Your Family and You". I though I was replying to the message - appearently I was replying to the person at the top of the comments (?) Ug - One thing i don't like about accessing the this site on a phine and nit on a computer is trying tk keep track of the messaging.

Non of my storys is published yet... What one do you refering to?

Thank you for a wonderful story.

Thank you for the comments and faves!

  • Viewing 75 - 79 of 79
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