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I like changelings, eldritch horrors, and looking too deeply into how fictional species might operate.

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That does indeed sound like the form of collective in use, yes. The term hivemind may be a tad imprecise, but it's one that does, as you say, provide a useful shorthand, and I've seen it used in this context before. Not to mention, I could see changelings regarding it as an appropriate term culturally, given that they exist in hives, and it's to do with their linkage of minds.

As for updates, I'm intending to bring Inquiline level with Cuckoo, before trading off between them, if that helps. Currently, I'm also trying to extend the length I default to where chapters are concerned, as I feel they're a bit short, but they just seem to round off that way so far. As for White Hat's gender, well, while his view on it can be flexible, he has spent centuries considering himself male. It's a matter of identity to him, not necessarily shape. That being said, his definition of what it means to be male doesn't necessarily require standard male physiology, nor did his default to start off with actually conform to that in this continuity. To answer your question, no, he's not going to become a girl, as he still considers himself male, but that doesn't mean his physiology will necessarily be standard male.


The type of link you are describing is called an Independent Collective. Which is when you have individuals in a group that can think independently but also share thoughts within their individual Group. The Internet is a good example, with each changeling being a node in the web and the queen or the royal having admin privileges. However that is kind of a mouthful so Hivemind is an adequate, if inaccurate, designation.

By the way Nyarlathi, how are you intending on updating between the two stories? Are you bringing this one up to where the other one was or are you going to be trading back and forth. I was curious so that I can be aware of the Timeline between the two so that I can avoid my own confusion. One final question, White Hat is going to become a girl, isn't he? Which I have no problem with and indeed I don't believe he would either, after all White Hat, as an eldritch being would really only have a general idea of gender anyway and would probably not be that hung up on it.

Aah, sorry about the absence, I've been rather busy irl ^w^;

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Ah. I see what you mean.

  • Viewing 35 - 39 of 39
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