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The Sphinx.

Probably what many would classify as one of MLP’s most minor and underrated of villains. At the most, she was only featured in the flashback involving Somnambula’s origins as a hero as told by a villager, with the dialogue of her and the others told through him as well. However, from the very looks of it, she was a really big deal, and after she was defeated and flew away...whatever happened to her has been unknown.

This group is dedicated to this character, where all who are fans of her can commute, and where her surprising amount of stories can be posted.

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Or somepony told her Napoleon used her brother for target practice.


I certainly don't Sphinx it's very funny.

Probably because someone stepped within her Pyramid Domain:rainbowderp:.



She looks a bit annoyed. I'm not sure why...

All we need is a group for Sable Spirit, and we'll have all the Pillar villains!

Thanks for inviting me. :twilightsmile:

Neat. This kind of storys are a rare treat.

Saw a post about this group on the Shameless Self-Promotion Bureau's forum. I like the sphinx, so I thought, Why not join, Angel? Reading the description just sort of cemented this. I am your 71st member!!!

Hey AMU:scootangel:! You just gained a new member:rainbowdetermined2:!

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